Why Solar Panels are Popular with Australian Residents


Solar power is an obvious choice for anyone who is interested in making big moves towards energy-efficient living. While it does demand a small initial investment, the value of the technology pays for itself over time. Many homes in Australia have moved towards the use of this renewable energy source. In the beginning, it was largely due to the incentives offered by the government, later on, however, more and more homeowners started to realize that even without the incentives, solar power still has many advantages.

Cheaper solar power systems

Over the last five years, solar panel prices, along with the cost of solar panel system installation have significantly reduced. This makes it more affordable for average homes. If a solar panel system is used properly, that is the amount of energy produced is consumed directly, the return on investment for a solar power system can be realised in as little as three to four years. All over Australia, the price of solar power system installation has reduced, hence, encouraging more people to adopt a more sustainable energy system.

Homeowners save money on energy costs

Indeed, a primary selling point for solar power is the savings homeowners will accumulate over time. Solar panels can last at least 25 years and over this period, the investment would have already been returned, and additional savings mounted up. Feed-in tariffs offered by the government are generous enough so that each home that produces more energy than it consumes during the day can export the energy to the grid and get credit for it. Of course, don’t forget the rebates that the Australian government are offering as well. The Queensland solar rebates are available for most homeowners and can help make solar even more affordable by removing the upfront cost of your system. 

Being independent in producing energy

It is appealing for homeowners to be able to consume energy without heavily relying on electricity retailers. The cost of energy has pretty much increased as well, and if you have a solar power system installed, you can cut in half, or even more, your dependence on the grid and consume the energy you produce to power appliances. This is especially beneficial for remote areas in the country. Having solar power systems can easily improve the way of life in far-off locations.

The abundance of sunlight

Another reason why Australia is a world leader in solar power use is the abundance of sunlight. It makes a lot of sense that solar power is being promoted heavily in this part of the world. In fact, there are other countries like Germany and the UK that also have a wide solar power use despite the weather not being as sunny as it is in Australia. This is reason enough why there is a large opportunity to harness the abundant sunlight in many areas around the country.

Clean energy

Solar power is sustainable and clean which makes it a better choice than coal, which is the main energy source in Australia. The average life-span of a solar system is 25 years. Within this timeframe, the system can already pay-off the initial investment and whatever energy has been used for its production. Later on, parts of a solar system can still be recycled or used in other applications.