Why the powerful and successful women have no luck in love


The first few dates tend to be fun, chill, with a lot of flirt, connection and mutual interest. However, this seems like it fades away with the time. When I say “with the time” I refer to a short period of time. The ugly truth nowadays shows that the women who have great job positions, are powerful, strong and successful end up being alone. Everyone’s first belief is that all the men in the world dream about such a partner. However, if we look deeper in this topic, the practice shows exactly the opposite.

What’s the problem? Why are all this women so unlucky when the love life is in question?


The experts in relationships and emotional coaches claim that the problem is in the masculine energy that women spread around. This means that that women enjoy the power and the domination, enjoy the position of a leader, enjoy controlling their emotions and the happenings in each aspect of their life. Especially in the field of job. However, it seems like they fail to do it in the field of love.

In order for one relationship to survive, it is inevitable to happen a connection between masculine and feminine energy. That energies are compatible and their connection is something that’s long lasting. The differences attract each other, otherwise its “life” is destined to die way too soon. On the other hand, if that women do not pay too much attention on their choices, they will attract passive men who would let them dominate in each field of their life. That’s what the unwritten rules of the Universe would do.

The experts and scientists who have been discussing this topic suggest if that women try to be more relaxed in love situations. They recommend if they work on themselves and their behavior and try to be more passive. It is necessary for them to learn how to take a step back and just observe. It is way nicer when you see a guy open all the doors for you, they say.


What that women should learn is let the other impress them before they start sharing their own successes, which is something that leaves their partners with an open mouth. This is something amazing, with no doubt. However, it is the men’s job to impress the lady first in order to conquer her. Otherwise, if he learns your successes first and they are not even close to his biggest achievement, they will get disappointed and won’t have courage to keep with that relationship. It will make them feel less important or even less capable or less competent.

Being a little bit hurtful, unprotected and emotional is something that activates the men’s will to give you shelter, protect you, stand by you and show you love in great amount. Something to bare in mind is that the men do not fall for them because of their success nor job-achievement stories. The men fall for the woman they feel connected with and feel superior with. It’s men’s job to do the men’s job and you better don’t take their role!