Why the Right Kind of Lighting is Essential for Your Home


Building a house and focusing on redesign are endeavours that cannot be underestimated. After all, it won’t just require a great deal of effort – more often than not a similar amount of capital is needed to accomplish anything. This is one of the main reasons why homeowners often opt to take a few shortcuts when it comes to aspects of the home that they don’t feel are too important, such as the doors or the quality of lighting. The latter in particular is a shame because lighting can play a big part in the quality of your home, and you’ll immediately feel like something is wrong if it isn’t just right.

Specific uses for certain kinds of lighting

Similar to a kitchen without a fridge or worktop, or a master bedroom without a closet, things can very much feel amiss if the lighting is skimped on. It’s understandable, because there are plenty of cheap options out there, and you can buy just about any kind of bulb that you want if you don’t want to think too hard about it. However, there are some bulbs that were built specifically for certain situations, such as the GU10 LED bulb.

When it comes to a specific function, the lighting that the GU10 provides is a directional white light. This is the reason why it tends to be shaped like a spotlight fitting for the wall or ceiling. For this kind of lighting, its very best use would be to place it in certain areas where a lot of work is done. This includes kitchens and other kinds of workspaces.

What happens if the wrong kind of lighting is used?

Utilising the GU10 LED bulb, as the same example, you might find ways to misuse this type of lighting. For example, while it works best in workstations, if you decide to place the light in areas of the home that encourage relaxation (such as the bedroom) it will have an opposite effect. Imagine heading home after a difficult day, wanting simply to take a bath and relax. You get the former done, and now you want to read a good book on your bed. If you’re using the GU10, you’ll find a piercing white light instead of a more relaxing kind of light to help you read.

This, in turn, will keep you awake for longer, and you’ll have a more difficult time winding down. Even if you decide to turn off the light when it’s time to sleep, the contrast between the two is so jarring that it can be hard to fall right asleep afterward. To conclude, the wrong kind of lighting at home can be frustrating to manage, which is why it’s an aspect that needs your focus and attention. Don’t underestimate this aspect of home design.