Why Vaping Is A Better Option Than Smoking


The harmful effect of smoking are the main reason why people would turn to less-dangerous alternatives. A single cigarette contains over 4,800 chemicals. Long-term smoking can cause  heart disease, cancer and lung problems. On the other hand, it is highly addictive that it is difficult for people to quit smoking. The best solution that everyone will agree about is vaping. It is enjoying huge popularity because it can act as a good replacement for cigarettes. Since vaping might be something new for most of us, there will be certain doubts. Is it as dangerous as smoking? Does it have any side effects?


What exactly is vaping?

It can be defined as the process of inhaling vapor. This is the general definition, as these days when we say “vaping” we refer to the practice of using e-cig. The vaping devices used in this process are called e-cigarettes or vapes. How do they work? Heat is applied to a liquid inside the device, which creates vapor. This means that they produce steam, not smoke as the ordinary cigarettes. A vaping device’s anatomy is consisted of: container, battery, and atomizer. The container is filled with liquid. The atomizer created heat with the help of batteries. When liquids get in touch with high temperatures, they convert into steam.


Why vaping is a better option?

What is the difference between using a cigar and a vape device? It is known that the vaping device does not contain cancerous and other harmful chemicals. The harmful smoke of the cigarettes is the one that contains most of the dangerous chemicals.The main difference is in the chemical process. Smoking relies on combustion, a process that converts a solid into a gas by burning. While vaping means that a liquid is converted into gas.


The reason why smokers are addicted to cigarettes is nicotine. This is a highly addictive stimulant that makes you want more. Nicotine itself is not the thing that will give you lung cancer. The smoke that is created by igniting tobacco is the one that contains all the dangerous chemicals. This means that smokers can still enjoy their stimulant, but without inhaling toxic chemicals. They have found a way to provide smokers the pleasure of inhaling nicotine, but in a better way. The thing is that the vaping devices are filled with a liquid that contains pure nicotine, without the other chemicals. This is called the e-liquid, which contains:nicotine, flavorings, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. The best advantage about vaping is that it offers a wide choice of flavors. Smokers can get to enjoy nicotine, while avoiding the awful taste of the tobacco.

Considering these things, we can tell that vaping is always a better choice over smoking. It will offer the amount of nicotine that your body needs, without having to inhale the by-products of the tobacco smoke. Plus it gives you the possibility to enjoy many different flavors. So, go on and make a smart choice!