Why Wearing Nice Underwear Can Be Good For Your Mental Health And Body Love


What is lingerie? In a broad sense of this French word, lingerie is a garment that enhances and complements the female body. 

We at Empress Mimi know well that wearing proper lingerie has many benefits. It is important for your overall health, acts as a great booster of romantic life, and is a supportive clothing item for sport, you name it.

But there is one thing that is rarely discussed – the psychology of lingerie. Did you know that lingerie can change the way we feel?

Size, shape, budget, or even state of lingerie should not impede the happiness and fulfillment of any woman. 

Don’t you think that lingerie can be one of many self-help techniques and routines?

Improvements in physicality

When you’ve found a well-fitted matching set of beautiful lingerie that accentuates your forms you instantly feel great. With the right lingerie, your posture improves and you feel supported in all the right places. Say goodbye to underarm bulges, slouched back, back rolls, muffin tops, and lingerie digging into your skin.

Believe us, the right lingerie alters the way you carry yourself.

Wearing nice lingerie boosts confidence

Beautiful lingerie is undoubtfully a true confidence booster. When you wear something elegant it instantly enhances your feminine charm. It is a statement of behavioral psychologists that it is in fact confidence that makes us more attractive.

Lacy bras, soft fabrics, and elegant designs can shower you with positive vibes and ecstatic energy. 

Some indulge in sexy and seductive sets in their race for confidence. Let us stop you here. What is commonly perceived as sexy does not always contribute to your brand of sexy, or improve your state of mind. You will radiate confidence only in the underwear that works for you, and praises your shape and body. 

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Freedom to express your personal identity

Personal identity can be expressed in many different ways, and cute lingerie is one of them. By accepting your body you accept your personal individuality and feel the harmony within. As specialists say, our identity is closely connected with how we feel about ourselves. 

A choice of color, type and style of lingerie allows you to express your inner desires, secret wishes, and hidden instincts. Some say there is lingerie based on your zodiac sign. Why not look into that amusing approach to give you more ideas? 

A possible form of self-care

Pretty underwear and sexy undergarments should not be only saved for special occasions. Remember to pamper yourself even on a typical day. The freedom of wearing what you want whenever you want is often viewed as therapeutic. The fun part is that you can express your creativity and personal taste. Play around with colors and materials.

Always wear nice underwear and invest in lovely sets for your self-worth. Sure, we do not want to impose that you should break your bank on seductive lingerie as a form of self-love. There are certainly other things that can support our health better than just delicate lingerie. However, the science of the “reward system” claims that purchasing something fancy gives a kick, but note that it can be short-lived.

Offers an escape

What is lingerie for? Underwear serves the purpose of freedom and support. You should devote your attention and invest into the lingerie that lessens distress and discomfort. 

Case 1

If you are an active lady, always on the go or even on the run, your motto is “movement”, do not choose a conventional plunge bra. A sports bra together with cotton panties is the match for you. 

Case 2

Are you a white-collar worker who spends long days in an office in professional attire? You will not go wrong with a nude bra under a pastel blouse. This way you will look elegant, secure, and appropriate to work. 

Case 3

If you are going out and want to flaunt a stunning dress, it is a sign to get yourself a minimizer bra. It compresses the appearance of the bust but does not flatten your curvy forms. Do you have voluptuous forms? Do not worry, with a minimizer bra you will have the coverage you look for. 

You get a sense of control

High-quality, nice, and proper-fitting lingerie can give you the control and power which you might seek for. 

Find time for acknowledging your self-worth. What to look presentable and pretty for? Do it for yourself first. Even when you shop for lingerie, go with what tickles your fancy and attracts your full attention. 

Replace external validation with internal validation

Remember times when we used to dress up for the validation of others? Like, going to a party bejeweled in a sparkly dress, high heels, glittery makeup, and underneath a matching lacy set of lingerie just to feel over the moon when guys check you out on the dress floor. 

Now, this can be a red flag. Dressing up for others is an unhealthy idea as it puts their preferences and desires above yours. Validation must come from within. And if somebody does not like the way you dress, they are not worth the company of an Empress anyway.

Spur of inspiration

When you finally feel good about your inner self, you get inspired and uplifted from within. It feels that this energy flows in you. Dressing up in gorgeous undergarments shows that you are ready to show this energy to the outer world. 

Inspiration and self-expression stimulate your mental relaxation. Taking care of yourself, even when it is shopping, sets you in a fantastic mood.  

Final thoughts

Every girl wants to feel on top of the world. The right lingerie can be a huge game-changer. With a more thoughtful approach, you can find underwear that can be perfect for your personality and character. 

On top of everything, a hunt for pretty underwear can be healing and relaxing. Putting more effort into the way you look for yourself is a grand sign of self-acceptance. Going bare to understand unspoken feelings and raw truth is only possible when you are ready to meet your true and unfiltered self. Go on this journey with lingerie shopping and Empress Mimi.