Why You Need a Kenmore Water Filter

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An estimated 63 million people have been exposed to unsafe drinking water in the United States alone over the last decade.

That means that one out of every five Americans may have come into contact with contaminants that can lead to developmental delays, gastrointestinal complications, and even cancer.

Depending on a person’s age, water comprises 50-75% of their body and consequently, the water they drink is essential to being able to lead healthy, active lives. While most cities have decent standards when it comes to providing safe drinking water, any time a person is not consuming privately filtered water they’re gambling with their safety.

This post will explain what water filtration is, the benefits it provides, common places to install water filters, and why a Kenmore water filter is the best brand you can buy.

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What Water Filters Do and How They Do It

Water filters work in a variety of ways to catch harmful contaminants and other particles before they make their way into your water.

Contaminants commonly found in tap water that filters work to remove include:

  • Hormones
  • Nitrates
  • Pesticides
  • Chlorine
  • Fluorine
  • Arsenic
  • Radium
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Barium
  • Mercury

The way in which water filters succeed in removing the contaminants listed above depends on the kind of filter you buy. Different filtration strategies come with different price points and have different pros and cons. Below are three of the most popular filtration methods used in home water filters:

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a water filtration strategy that pushes water through what is essentially a fine sieve that allows water to pass through but catches contaminants.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a water filtration method that uses charcoal which has a porous surface area that works to attract impurities through absorption. Filters that use activated carbon are among the most common in households. These filters are good at catching the most common drinking water contaminants but can struggle with removing limescale, metals, and nitrates.

Ion Filtration

Ion filtration (or ion exchange) water systems work by splitting apart the atoms of contaminants into ions. These bad ions are then trapped and released in their place are less harmful sodium ions. Sodium released into your water during this process, while not harmful as the contaminants they were exchanged for, are still not optimal for consumption.

Where Can You Install Water Filters?

Water filters come in different varieties including:

  • Refrigerator water filters
  • Sink water filters
  • Point of entry (whole home) water filters

Refrigerator Water Filters

Refrigerator water filters are filtration systems that hook up to your fridge and remove harmful contaminants from the water and ice it dispenses. Most filters that are fitted for refrigerators are long and slim and can be installed at the base of the fridge, inside a drop-down compartment where you store your food, in a slide-out compartment, or in a barrel-shaped canister slot.

Sink Water Filters

Sink water filters usually attach to your sink inside their under compartment or directly on your facet’s mouth which then allows for the dispensing of clean, drinkable water.

Point of Entry (Whole Home) Water Filters

Point of entry (or whole home) water filters clean all the water on your property. These units are larger than other filter types and are usually stored in your garage or yard area. Point of entry filters ensure clean water for not only drinking but for cooking, bathing, and everything in between.

The Kenmore Water Filter Difference

Understanding the importance of having an excellent water filtration system is one thing but picking the right brand to trust your filtration needs to is equally as important.

There are hundreds of water filtration brands and among that group, the brand that rises consistently as one of the most trusted is Kenmore.

Kenmore has been serving homeowner’s appliance needs for over 100 years and a Kenmore water filter is available for refrigerators, sinks, and point of entry use.

Kenmore Water Filter Examples

Kenmore Refrigerator Filters

When looking for a Kenmore water filter for a refrigerator, taking note of the refrigerator’s style is important in selecting the correct filter. Common styles include:

  • Bottom freezer fridges
  • French 3-door fridges
  • French 4-door fridges
  • Side by side door fridges
  • Side by side four-door fridges
  • Side by side three-door fridges
  • Top freezer fridges
  • Under counter fridges

After determining a fridge’s style, its filter installation location will be the next thing to note prior to shopping for a filter (most filters install in the upper right interior, upper left interior, grille, or in the back of the fridge).

Kenmore Sink Filters

Kenmore sink water filters are commonly found in the form of reverse osmosis filters and some models like the Kenmore 38156 come with a convenient “twist and pull” design which makes installing and changing simple. That particular model specializes in the removal of arsenic, lead, nitrates, cysts, sodium chloride and sediments in drinking water.

Kenmore Point of Entry Filters

If you’re looking for a comprehensive whole home water filtration solution, Kenmore offers excellent products including the Kenmore Elite Filtration System which reduces bad tastes, odors, discoloration, and contaminants in all of your home’s water. It promises 10 years of life or more and has the added benefit of reducing particle build up in your plumbing.

Wrapping It Up

Having a quality water filtration system in a home is essential to preventing exposure to common contaminants in tap water which can lead to serious health issues.

When shopping for a filtration system, understanding the desired location of the filtered water (fridge, facet, whole home) and the type of filtration desired (reverse osmosis, activated carbon, ion exchange) ensures that the correct filter type can be purchased.

As far as brands go, there are many choices when buying a filter but a Kenmore water filter best ensures high-quality filtration.

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