Why you need to buy a ski & snowboard helmet


We all need to put our physical health above all else. And since our health is above all, we should talk about personal safety and prevention of our physical integrity throughout our stay on the mountain. And especially throughout our skiing. What we are going to talk about today is the ski and snowboard helmet. Either this is called skiing, snowboarding, or even skiing, also known as snow biking. An essential accessory that we should all not only have but also wear. Because many people have bought a ski helmet but unfortunately do not wear it.

Many skiers from time to time all these years leave the ski resorts with nasty head injuries. And a huge percentage of them did not wear any ski or snowboard helmets. In many cases they could have avoided these injuries and continued to have fun for the rest of their day on the mountain.

Always wear a helmet

A ski or snowboard helmet is essential, especially for those who choose to ski outside the slopes or between trees or next to rocks where the danger weighs red in these places.

But keep in mind that a helmet does not work wonders. It will not guarantee you 100%. This is because a ski helmet also has its limits. And it has its limits because the materials it is made of have both these limits of strength and their limits of fracture. So if during these impacts these limits are exceeded, then there will be an injury. So we must always be careful and not to exceed the limits during our skiing because everything is possible. But a helmet will definitely prevent head injuries and, of course, can save your life.

Helmets are categorized based on seasonality and their characteristics. A ski helmet, for example, is designed for cold weather. Its main feature is to save your life, but it is still designed to keep your head warm and comfortable. Now, many helmets are designed so that we can wear them in winter-summer. This is possible if you remove the inner lining that is for the cold.

Does buying a safety helmet mean you have to deal with all the problems?

Of course, you did not get rid of all the problems. Just because you got a ski or snowboard helmet does not mean that you should not replace it at some point. Like the motorcycle helmet, the ski helmet has an expiration date. This is because, over time, the materials deteriorate and wear out, resulting in changing their mechanical properties as well as their impact resistance. All materials have their expiration date, and therefore, we must replace them at a specific time period.

So let’s look in a little more detail at the durability of the materials that make up a helmet. It is essential to know that most helmets are not made to last a lifetime. Usually, a ski or snowboard helmet is made of polystyrene foam (EPS – Polystyrene). This material tends to compress or even break during impact. So think about how dangerous it is to use your helmet again after a fall. So these helmets are characterized as “single impact” (of a collision).

Another material used in a ski or snowboard helmet is expanded polypropylene (EPP). Helmets made with such material are characterized as “multiple impacts”, i.e. helmets that can withstand multiple impacts. Of course, such a helmet has a slightly lower safety margin than helmets made of expanded polystyrene, but we find them more, especially in ski resorts that deal with freestyle or with a lot of “parking”, which means that they have a greater chance of collision and so they will not have to change their helmet often.

Most manufacturers give a life limit or possible replacement of a helmet of 3 to 5 years unless they have a severe injury where you need to replace it sooner.

Protecting our health is very important, especially in the case of our winter holidays. At a winter resort, you should be fully protected from any danger so that you can fully enjoy your vacation time. Holidays in fantastic snowy places, in some of the most beautiful areas of Europe that guarantee the ultimate travel experience. So you can book safely at one of the resorts of your choice after taking all the measures to protect your health and physical integrity. Erna Low company can help you plan your vacation in a winter resort, taking all the necessary steps to make the most of your vacation.