Why You Should Get Used Jeep Wrangler Syracuse NY Instead Of A New One

Rome,Italy - July 21, 2019: On occasion of Rome capital city Rally event, the motor showrooms exhibit new cars models : new American off-road vehicle Jeep Wrangler from Jeep automaker

The people of Syracuse in upstate New York share a great love for folksy, sturdy vehicles such as classic cars, trucks, and SUVs. Because of this bias, the Jeep Wrangler is a favorite among many Syracuse residents.

With features such as four-wheel drive, solid axles, and body-on-frame, the Jeep Wrangler is the ideal SUV. Its impressive off-road reputation makes it the ideal vehicle for those who love nature travel, high mountain roads, fording rocky rivers, and the adrenaline adventure of rough terrains. 

Many are aware that a new car’s sticker price goes down more than 10% only hours after it is driven off the showroom floor and more than 20% in the first year alone. With the rough rides that Jeep Wrangler drivers prefer, depreciation should be more than 60% in five years. Of course, since these workhorses are built to last, many are looking to buy pre-loved Jeep Wranglers. 

Rome,Italy – July 21, 2019: On occasion of Rome capital city Rally event, the motor showrooms exhibit new cars models : new American off-road vehicle Jeep Wrangler from Jeep automaker

If you, like many New Yorkers in Syracuse, still feel a bit unsure whether you should buy a new or a used Jeep Wrangler, do click on and visit this site for free information. Meanwhile, for your convenience, this article summarizes five (5) practical reasons why you’d benefit from buying a used Jeep Wrangler.

  • Pay Less for More

Sometimes, buyers have their minds set on the special edition in a particular year’s Jeep Wrangler lineup. Buying that same vehicle brand-new might cost a lot more than buying it used. Either way, the vehicle will offer the same thing as long as it is a fairly used vehicle. The difference is that buying a used car means a considerable reduction in the purchase price.

Price is the main reason why you would want to buy a used Jeep Wrangler in the first place. For instance, if you had the money to buy an older, brand-new model, you would most likely get a more recent version for less or at the same price. In other words, you can get better value for your money with the newer technologies on the Wrangler.

  • Immediate Off-Road Use

The stunning beauty of a new Jeep Wrangler cannot be ignored. At the same time, the newer models are designed to be more fuel-efficient for daily use. These can lure you to use your Jeep Wrangler for daily use rather than for the rough off-roading trips only as you originally intended.

It is common knowledge that people buy the Jeep Wrangler for off-road use rather than for daily driving. As a result, a used Jeep Wrangler is more usable for that purpose compared to a new one. Not surprisingly, buyers are more reluctant to hit the dirt roads immediately after buying a new car.

With that said, if you’re the type who values functionality over beauty in your Wrangler, then you should buy a used one. Then you won’t be bothered by trivial concerns such as scratching a paint job or burning out tires too fast.

  • Cost-Effective Upgrades, Wider Choice Range

Jeep Wrangler owners are known for their unique upgrades, perhaps due to the fact that these vehicles were made to be highly customizable. After owners buy them, various additions are made to these vehicles.

Since such modifications do add up to a considerable financial outlay from owners, it is common practice for Wrangler lovers to buy an older version and upgrade it later. This saves a lot of money.

In comparison, new Jeep Wranglers are more difficult to upgrade because new parts are not yet on the market. When they are available, they will cost more. At the same time, the available options will be very few. Thus, for Jeep Wrangler owners who love to customize and make some changes, a pre-owned Wrangler is the best choice.

  • Easy Repair and Low Maintenance

As Jeep Wranglers are expected to barrel through rough off-road terrains, they are likely to require repairs from time to time. However, it is easier to repair an older Wrangler than a newer one. 

In other words, due to the considerably more complex configuration that might need some figuring out, newer Wrangler models are bound to spend more time at the workshop. Another reason is that the parts needed for the repair of new models are not as available as those for older models.

The higher repair costs of newer models are also worth considering. Of course, the spare parts for a newer model will be priced higher than parts for older models. Imagine the costs that add up when major repairs are required.

  • Less Depreciation

Jeep Wranglers are known for the best resale values on the used-car market. However, they depreciate less than new ones because used cars already have gone through much of the depreciation they can ever have. On the other hand, as mentioned, a new car starts to depreciate from the moment it is driven off the showroom floor.

Of course, if ever you want to resell your used Wrangler later, you are bound to get the best value for it compared to if you had bought a new one.


A Jeep Wrangler is always a great buy. However, buying a used Jeep Wrangler helps you save a lot of money due to the lower costs of the purchase, modification, and repairs. At the same time, used Jeep Wranglers offer a wider range of modification choices and can be used for confident off-roading without fear of damage. Finally, if you ever choose to resell your used Wrangler Jeep, you will get better value due to lesser depreciation. Meanwhile, the five tips summarized in this article can help you compare your options and see why, particularly if you’re in Syracuse, NY, you would rather buy a used Jeep Wrangler than a brand-new one.