Why You Should Go Smart For Your New Ducted AC Unit


With the summers becoming hotter and hotter, many homeowners are looking for better options to cool their houses. In many areas, a fan would have been sufficient to beat the heat in summer a few years ago. However, air cooling systems have become a necessity in many parts of Australia due to the hotter summers. 

If you are looking for the best air conditioning system in the market, but don’t like the limitations of an AC, then there are many other options that you could choose as a homeowner. However, one of the most popular air-cooling systems is the Ducted AC unit. This is basically an entire system that links the cooling systems of different rooms in the house to a central cooling system via ducts in the ceiling. This allows it to achieve overall cooling of the whole house with a single unit. 

While Ducted AC units have been around for a few years, they have had certain limitations. For example, the initial ones could not be controlled via remote and it would be programmed to cool all the rooms of the house. However, modern ducted AC units provide much more control and they are better than both traditional wall-mounted ACs and other Ducted Air conditioners. There are many reasons why you should go smart for your ducted AC unit. Here are a few: 

  1. It gives you more control over home cooling 

The main advantage of smart ducted AC units is that they are centrally controlled. Each room has its temperature monitored by sensors which allow you to see the temperature of each room. 

Not only this, but you can control exactly how cool you want each room to be. The system will cool each room and keep it at the same temperature. The best thing about it is that the entire system receives its cooling from a single unit, so there’s no need to worry about installing individual units in each room. 

You can shut off the cooling of rooms that you are not inside, and you can bring the temperature down again before you go out of the room. It also has a lot of flexibility in terms of which rooms need cooling and which temperature you want to keep them at. With a smart system, you have all the control in your hands. 

  1. It helps you save electricity 

Technology sometimes comes for the betterment of the environment and with Smart Ducted ACs, this certainly the case. You can set the temperature according to the environmental conditions. This helps reduce power consumption. Another benefit of smart systems is that it allows you to turn off the cooling in other rooms when you are not present. This is another great way to save on your electricity bills. 

If you install your Smart Ducted AC system through a reputable store such as Aircon Sutherland Shire, then you should ask them for energy-saving tips that will help you reduce your electricity consumption. Smart cooling systems have a wide range of settings that allow you to save electricity, such as the feature that allows you to set the timer for cooling. The system will start cooling when the timer starts and will switch off automatically when the ideal temperature is achieved. 

  1. Helps improve heating in the winter

Smart ducted AC systems are not only suitable for cooling your home in the summer, they can be used with a similar effect in the winter. It doubles up as a heating system and is based on the same principle as with the cooling system, so you don’t have to worry about buying a separate heating system. In fact, the ducted heating and cooling system are actually more effective than many other air conditioners and heaters. 

  1. It is a great long term investment 

If you ever think of selling your house in the near future, then having a ducted Air conditioner will actually increase the value of your home considerably. Buyers are most interested in the different modern features that a house has, and a smart ducted system shows future thinking that will pay off in the long run.