Wonderful Christmas Decorations From All Around The World


It is that time of the year again, when everything is decorated with lights, sparkles; a time when everybody is getting presents for the loved ones. Yes, it is almost Christmas time and you will for sure agree that this is the best time of the year. The city squares are decorated with many Christmas lights and Christmas trees can be found everywhere, including squares, stores, yards and at any other public places.

The best Christmas decorations can be found in the capitals or at any other bigger cities where each year the decorations are getting more impressive. Below we have made a photo collection of Wonderful Christmas Decorations From All Around The World, that will for sure get you into the Christmas spirit. Take a look at them and feel the Christmas spirit. Maybe you live at some of these places or you will choose to visit some of them during this time of the year, so that you can have the chance to see these mesmerizing Christmas decorations. May you have a Merry Christmas and the Best New Year Ever! Enjoy!

Paris, France

Photo via: nadymediafirecollection.blogspot.com
Photo via: nadymediafirecollection.blogspot.com
Photo via: etoile-de-paris.blogspot.com

Washington DC, USA

Photo via: sun-surfer.com
Photo via: washingtondcstockimages.com

San Francisco, USA

Photo via: unionsquareshop.com
Photo via: corporaciontulpasur.com

Rome, Italy

Photo via: newyearseveblog.com
Photo via: newyearseveblog.com

London, England

Photo via: blog.hellofresh.co.uk
Photo via: blogs.guoman.com

Singapore City, Singapore

Photo via: newyearseveblog.com
Photo via: travelimprints.com

Dublin, Ireland

Photo via: dublinatchristmas.ie

Berlin, Germany

Photo via: berlin-stadtfuehrung.de
Photo via: grayline.com

Melbourne, Australia

Photo via: thechristmasemporium.com
Photo via: architectureau.com

Moscow, Russia

Photo via: athome-network.com
Photo via: zaychishkastyle.com

Skopje, Macedonia

Photo via: grad.sk
Photo via: grad.sk

Vienna, Austria

Photo via: vikisecrets.com
Photo via: vikisecrets.com

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Photo via: rnrachicago.org
Photo via: upchicago.com

New York, NY, USA

Photo via: onedreamtravel.com
Photo via: studyusa.com
Photo via: destinationdesignblog.com