Wonderful Covered Front Porch Designs You Should See Today


The exterior of a house is as much important as its interior. It is actually the first sight that your visitors or anyone who passes by it can get. So, it is really important to take care of it. The front porch is just one part that can add up to the curb appeal. Most often it is a covered one and should be designed in a way to complement with the architectural style of the home. Today, we have made a collection of several wonderful covered front porch designs that you will love for sure.

These front porches are quite versatile. Some of them are really spacious and other have space enough to fit in a chair or two. There are three popular styles of porches  – a rain porch, a sleeping porch and a veranda. The rain porch has a roof extended much farther beyond the edge of the deck. One such porch protects the decking when its raining and provides shade throughout the day. Contrary to the rain porch, the sleeping porch is a screened in porch used for sleeping during warmer days. And the third type of porch, the veranda is defined as a roofed open gallery that extends around both sides of the home in addition to across the front. Below, we have chosen all of these types of porches. Check them out!

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Wonderful Covered Front Porch Designs

hanging bed
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front porch
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outdoor space
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House porch with wicker furniture and flowers
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front porch decor
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Depending on the space available, the porch can be adapted to your taste and needs. It can be used as a mudroom, as an extra living space or even as an outdoor kitchen. The furniture added on the front porch should fit in with the house exterior. And of course, it should be as comfortable as possible, so that you can get the utmost relaxation.

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white seating
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covered front porch
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wood chairs
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Besides, the regular beds and chairs, you can also, add some swings on he porch. Whether that will be a swing bed or a swing chair, you will love to sit there and swing while breathing some fresh air and enjoying in the views from the surrounding area. Add some flower pots on the porch to make it look more appealing.

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seating area at the porch
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wonderful porch
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So, which one from the above covered front porch ideas did you like the best. Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other great decoration ideas for your outdoor space.