Wonderful Crafts That You Didn’t Know You Can Make With Drinking Straws


Hey there DIY lovers! DIY supplies are all around you, but you have to think creatively and notice them. Possibilities exist in every item, and today we are going to show you how you can use the drinking straws in many different ways. Scroll down through the photos and see the Wonderful Crafts That You Didn’t Know You Can Make With Drinking Straws. You are going to be amazed with all the designs that you can use to decorate your home. Check them all out and make your picks!

What do you say about making the ambiance in your dining room romantic? It’s time to make these colorful candle holders by using straws.

Image via diy-enthusiasts.com

Christmas time is just three weeks away from us, and I bet that you have already decorated your Christmas tree. If you want to add some playfulness to it and decorate it with some unique and out-of-the ordinary ornaments, we suggest you to give these adorable straws a try!

Image via shelterness.com

Is your wall empty and you are wondering how to add a statement to it without spending much money? Get gold straws to make an elegant and sophisticated wall decoration. You can even add a mirror in the middle!

Image via modna.si

Here’s another idea but in the festive Christmas spirit. You can either add it to the wall or use it as a wreath on the door.

Paper Straw Wreath
Image via designsponge.com

Are monograms your thing? You can make this one with ease and for very little money. What color do you have already in mind?

Image via hative.com

Do you love hand-made jewelry that matches your personal style? Did you know that you can add straws to make them look extra cute and adorable? Go for the neon colors and you will get an attention grabbing piece of jewelry.

Image via crafthubs.com

We’ve got another decoration for you that is just right for Christmas!

Image via bloglovin.com

Do you plan to get a present for someone special soon? Then, you should wrap it as the present in the photo below!

Image via diyprojects.com

What do you say about decorating your walls with some color by making this interesting garland made out of straws? You can make this craft in just few minutes!

Image via handmadecharlotte.com

Red and white strpied straws should be a matter of your choice for the holidays. How do you like this design?

Image via hative.com

Are you already bored with the way your vase looks like? Well, upgrade it by wrapping it around with straws and you will get a completely different look.

Image via styletic.com
Image via shoes-off-please.com

This hanging decoration will get you tons of compliments!

Image via handmadecharlotte.com

Are you short on money to buy a lamp? Decorate the plain bulb with straws and see the difference it makes.

Image via handmadecharlotte.com

Update the look of your frame by just sticking straws on it!

Image via styletic.com

I hope that you find these DIY projects truly amazing and that you are going to recreate some of the looks very soon!