Wonderful DIY Birdbath Ideas To Attract Birds To The Yard


Hey DIY lovers, are you looking for some new projects that you can do in your free time, for instance some for the backyard? If you are then you are on the right place for that, because today, we are bringing to you several Wonderful DIY Birdbath Ideas that you may try to do and thus attract birds to the yard.

The birdbaths can be quite expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives to make them on your own. The following DIY projects are just some of the many possible alternatives and all of them are super easy to be done. They won’t cost you much, because most of them are made of some old items that you already have at home.  Check them out and choose which one you will try to do. Enjoy!

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Mosaic Tile Birdbath Using Recycled DVDs

One way to make a birdbath is with the use of old DVDs. Cut them into pieces and arrange the pieces to create a beautiful mosaic.

Photo via: meandmydiy.com

DIY Garden Planters And Birdbath

This DIY project can be your inspiration of how to make planters and birdbath from clay pots.

DIY Garden Planters and Bird Bath
Photo via: homestoriesatoz.com

DIY Birdbath Out Of Dishes

If you have some dishes that you no longer use, you can repurpose them into a birdbath. Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how to do it.

bird bath out of plates
Photo via: mysocalledcraftylife.com

DIY Leaf Birdbath

Here is a guide of how to make a unique birdbath out of a leaf.

Leaf bird bath
Photo via: birdsandblooms.com

DIY Hanging Birdbath

Here is an idea of a hanging birdbath, made of grapevine wreath and a terracotta plant saucer.

hanging birdbath
Photo via: myhouseandhome.squarespace.com

Salvaged Sink Birdbath

An old sink can be also repurposed into a lovely birdbath for your backyard.

salvaged sink birdbath
Photo via: hgtv.com

Salvaged Chair Birdbath

Or if there is some old chair that you no longer use, get a terracotta plant saucer to make a birdbath.

salvaged chair birdbath
Photo via: hometalk.com

DIY Serving Bowl Birdbath

A $5 serving bowl can be easily repurposed into a birdbath for the yard and here is a guide of how you can do it.

serving bowl birdbath
Photo via: homejelly.com

DIY Stacked Stone Birdbath

Stones are perfect for garden decor, so you may stack some to create a birdbath.

diy stack stone birdbath
Photo via: ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com

Clay Pot Birdbath

The clay pots can be repurposed in so many versatile ways and one of them can be to make a lovely birdbath.

Clay-Pot-bird-bath-4 diy birdbath
Photo via: inlieuofpreschool.com

So, which one from the above birdbaths would you try to do and thus attract birds to your yard? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other versatile DIY projects for your home and backyard decoration.