Wonderful DIY Shorts Projects You Can Do Easily


Shorts are one of the most common piece of cloth that we wear during summer time. They can be found in various styles and colors and you can definitely not be fine with having just one single pair of them. So, that is why many of you constantly keep buying new shorts or maybe even try to revamp your old ones. For that purpose, today we have chosen several Wonderful DIY Shorts Projects You Can Easily Do and we hope that you will try them.

The following DIY projects are easy to be done and they are quite versatile, so that each one of you can find the desired design for your shorts. They are mainly tutorials meant for denim shorts, because denim shorts are one of the most popular shorts that will never really go out of style, but you can use the same instructions for all types of shorts. Whether you want to add some sequined, lace or studded details, or maybe you want to create some patterned shorts. like dotted, aztec or stripped, we have got you covered with the following tutorials. Also, distressed denim have become a quite popular trend recently, so we have also included one such tutorial from which you can learn how to make some distressed denim shorts. Scroll down to see the above mentioned tutorials as well as several others and choose which one you will try first. Follow the steps on the pictorials precisely, or if you need further instructions follow the links under the photos to get to the full tutorials. Enjoy!

DIY Sequin Embellished Denim Shorts

Photo via: apairandasparediy.com

DIY Distressed Denim Shorts

Photo via: swellmayde.com

DIY Lace Trim Denim Shorts

Photo via: swellmayde.com

DIY Polka Dot Denim Shorts

Full tutorial: eatsleepdenim.com

DIY Bleached Aztec Denim Shorts

Full tutorial: blog.boatpeopleboutique.com

DIY Striped Shorts

Full tutorial: prudenceandaustere.blogspot.com

DIY Denim Shorts With Sequined Pockets

Photo via: theberry.com

DIY Studded Denim Shorts

Photo via: clonesnclowns.com

DIY Denim Shorts With Lace Detail

Photo via: hercampus.com

DIY Mirrored Floral Shorts

Photo via: swellmayde.com

DIY Decorated Denim Shorts

Photo via: ispydiy.com

DIY Tie Dye Shorts

Photo via: topinspired.com

All of the above DIY projects are definitely worth trying. Choose the design and embellishment you want for your shorts and make it by yourself and thus save some money for not buying a brand new pair of shorts. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer for other inspiring DIY fashion project ideas that you can try to do when you have some free time.