Wonderful Water Features To Add Tranquility And Peace To Your Outdoors


There are many features that should be part of your outdoors to make it your favorite spot for your utmost relaxation. For instance, a seating area is a must for making it more welcoming and inviting, while flowers and plants are a must for the aesthetic appeal. Light features are also great choice, so that you can spend some time over there in the evening. And of course, some water features are a must to add tranquility and peace to your outdoors.

The sound of water will for sure create a real harmony. You can make a natural-looking waterfall, create some pond or maybe even add some fountain. And if you are in the mood of making one, you can easily build a fountain of some repuprosed items. Such items can be some wine barrels, rusted metal or galvanized objects, tree stumps etc. The water features that you are about to see are quite versatile and no matter which one of these designs you choose for you outdoors, you will for sure bring some serenity over there. So, let’s check them out!

Impressive Water Feature With Reclaimed Wood Wall

Photo via: diynetwork.com

Unique Fountain Made Out Of Casting-Iron Scalding Pot, Cauldron And Hand Pump

Photo via: hgtv.com

Amazing Water Curtain

Photo via: vitamin-ha.com

Exotic Water Feature

Photo via: hgtv.com

Lighted Water Feature

Photo via: coolbond.in

Round Bubble Water Feature

Photo via: waterfeaturesdirect.com.au

Two Tiered Fountain

Photo via: livinator.com

Beautiful Water Feature

Photo via: lahabitaciondeana.com

Rock Water Features

Photo via: lisklandscape.com

Amazing Water Wall

Photo via: realpalmtrees.com

Lighted Stone Fountain

Photo via: lewislandscape.com

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Water Sphere Balls

Photo via: diyandmag.com

Rusted Metal Water Feature With Stone Decor

Photo via: kivisenvilma.blogspot.com

Water Ring

Photo via: diynetwork.com

Gabion Water Feature

Photo via: diynetwork.com

Wine Barrel Water Feature

water features
Photo via: diynetwork.com

So, which one of these water features did you like the best? Tell us in the comments and make sure to add some in your backyard to add some tranquility and peace over there. Thank you for reading and make sure to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other ideas for your outdoors.