Wonderful Ways To Repurpose Cake Stands You Will Be Glad To Know


If you love preparing cakes, then you probably have many magnificent cake stands at home. But have you ever thought to use them for something else other than for placing cakes? Maybe you had, or maybe not, but once you finish reading this article, you will be familiar with the several Wonderful Ways To Repurpose Cake Stands which we hope you will find really useful.

You won’t need to change the design of the cake stand, because all you have to do is to place something different on it. Or if you are willing to change it somehow, then you may consider to repaint it. The cake stand can be used in different parts of the home for different items. For instance, if you keep loosing your keys and don’t know where you left them, take a cake stand and place it somewhere in the entryway and let this spot be the right one for leaving your keys. Or, if your vanity seems a little bit disorganized, take the makeup products, perfumes or nail polishes and arrange them on cake stands. The cake stands can also serve as planters for succulents or any other plant. Scroll down now to see all of these uses for cake stands as well as many other and choose how you will repurpose all those cake stands that you have at home. Enjoy!

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Place For Keys, Loose Change, Mails, Sunglasses

Photo via: stonegableblog.com

Store Soap and Towels Close To The Sink

Photo via: stonegableblog.com

Display Fruits On Cake Stands

Photo via: athomeinlove.com

Cake Stand Candle Holder

cake stand candle holder
Photo via: stoneandwoodshop.co.uk

Cake Stand Jewelry Holder

jewelry holder
Photo via: sarahortega.com

Washi Tape Storage

Photo via: notedlist.com

Craft Supplies Storage

Photo via: hgtv.com

Makeup Storage

Photo via: emilyloula.com

Display Perfume Fragrances On A Cake Stand

display perfume fragrances on cake stand
Photo via: cosmopolitan.com

Nail Polish Storage

nail polsih storage
Photo via: taofeminino.com.br

Urban Herb Garden

urban herb garden
Photo via: save-on-crafts.com

Succulent Garden Planter

Photo via: infarrantlycreative.net

So, which one from the above ideas would you choose to copy and thus repurpose the cake stand? Tell us in the comments, and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other clever ideas of how to repurpose some of the items that you already have at home.