Wonderful Wooden Pathways You Should Not Miss To See


Pathways are an essential part of almost any garden. Their main purpose is to take you from one place to another, as well as to enrich the landscape. They can be made of versatile materials, such as stones, river rocks, bricks, wood etc. Today we would like to show you several wooden pathways that may inspire you to add one such into your garden too.

Wood is a natural material and as such can easily fit in with the landscape. Wooden pathways can be some of the cheapest garden pathways. Also, such pathways can be made a way more easier than the ones out of stone or concrete. They can work well in sloping or wet areas. Wooden pathways can be quite versatile. They can differ in style and length and these will depend on the space available in the garden. Also, different types of wood can be used for these pathways, including palettes, wood logs, tree stumps etc. Scroll down now to see the wooden pathways that we have chosen for you today and choose if you would add some into your garden too. Enjoy!

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Wonderful Wooden Pathways

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Tree stumps can be used to decorate the garden in various ways. They can be turned into planters or maybe used as pot stand. Also, they can be turned into fairy gardens. And of course you can use them to create a wooden pathway for your garden. Such pathways can be quite eye-catching.

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Some pathways can be also a combo of two natural materials. For instance, you can make some out of wood and rocks or pebbles. Use wood palettes in the same size and shape and fill in the space between them with some rocks or pebbles.

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Wooden pathways can also slightly raised from the ground, which makes them look like small decks. You can make some such pathways even over some water pond that will help you get from one place to another.

wooden path
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flaoting pathway
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stone and wood
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These were the wooden pathways that we have chosen for you today and we hope that you liked them. Tell us in the comments if you would choose to add one such pathway into your garden too. And of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other  decoration ideas for your outdoor space.