Wooden Ceilings For A Warm Look Of The Living Room


The living room is the place in our homes where we love spending some quality times on our own or with our friends and family. So, because of this, we should all try to make our living rooms look more comfortable and welcoming. The colors, furniture and of course materials used can have a great impact on creating such atmosphere. And the material that always take the first place on creating a warm look of a room is of course wood. You can choose the furniture or the flooring to be wooden, or you can replace the white and flat ceiling with some wooden one.

A wooden ceiling can give the room more texture and dimension. However, you need to choose the right color scheme for the room, so that you can avoid making the space look closed in and dark. Pale colors, like white cream, ivory, light gray or sky blue are the best options. Also, the flooring should be light in color, so do not hesitate to choose some rug in a neutral shade like beige, or sand. And of course not to forget to mention the lighting that plays an important role in making the space look more open. Opt for a central overhead fixture, but also add track lighting along the ceiling and sheer curtains on the windows to provide more natural light. And when it comes to adding accessories like pillows, curtains or throw rugs, choose them to be in some bolder shades like eggplant, cranberry, gold or terracotta to create a cozier atmosphere. Vibrant accent colors are also another good choice to make those accessories pop out.

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A wooden ceiling gives the room a warm, natural look and it is a good choice to add other natural elements in the design that will complement this look. For instance, if there is a fireplace, add some rustic stone for the surround. And if you thought that smooth ceramic tiles are not a good option, we advice you to replace them with rugged slate flooring, preferably in a light blue or gray to balance the wooden ceiling. Scroll down now to see the rest of the living rooms with wooden ceilings that we have chosen for you today and decide on whether you would love to have one such ceiling instead of the white and flat one. Enjoy!

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Tell us in the comments which one form the above living room designs is your favorite and if you would love to have a wooden ceiling into your living room. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to Find many other interior design ideas for your home decor.