Wooden Screens Can Beautify Your Home And Outdoor Space


Privacy screens are a must have for your outdoors especially if you are living in a residential area. They serve to protect you from the curious eyes of the neighbors, as well as from the heat of direct sunlight. They can be made of so many versatile materials, including wood, glass, metal, living plants etc. And the ones that are most often used may be the wooden screens, so today we would like to show you how you can add some in your outdoors as well as in your home.

Wooden screens can create an inviting and warm atmosphere in the backyard and you won’t be wrong if you choose to add some into your backyard too. There are versatile designs to choose from so you will for sure find some that will fit in in your outdoor space. They will look great with some flower pots in front of them. Also, you can add up so light fixtures that will accentuate the beauty of these screens. Here are several such ideas that you may love. Enjoy!

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Backyards With Wooden Screens

Photo via: minimalisti.com
Photo via: minimalisti.com
Photo via: minimalisti.com
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Besides having wooden screens in the backyard or on the balcony, you can also have some in your home. They can serve as beautiful room dividers, adding up to the aesthetic appeal of the interior. Set some in the kitchen to separate the cooking area form the dining area. Or if you have a bigger living room you can set some over there and divide the space. They can fit in with any design, but they look best when there is some wooden flooring or wooden furniture. Wooden screens can be also found in the bathroom, serving as shower screens. Here are several interiors with wooden screen designs that may get you inspired to add some into your home too.

Interiors With Wooden Screens

room divider
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Photo via: alex-art.com.ua
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Wooden screens can beautify both your home and outdoor space, so you won’t be wrong if you add some. Tell us in the comments which one form the above ideas did you like the best. And of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other decor ideas for your home and outdoors.