World’s Best Places For Christmas Holiday (part 1)


Maybe you think it is still early to think about where to spend Christmas Holiday, but I don’t think the same. It is better to plan how and where you will spend holidays and actually  it is an interesting part of  holiday time. So, you can begin with planning Christmas Holiday and Top Dreamer will help you to choose the amazing place for spending Christmas. Below follow world’s best places for Christmas Holiday (part 1).

There are many place in the world which have an amazing tradition for Christmas. There  the Christmas magic lives for real. All these places have interesting and unique events for Christmas. They are decorated in a Christmas spirit and the people make traditional Christmas Food. But although the places are decorated with Christmas ornaments, every place has its own tradition in decorating and making food. Еvery place has unique parade and marks Christmas in its own way.

Today, Top Dreamer will present you a part of world’s best places to visit for Christmas with some of their traditions. Look below the gallery and begin with planning  for Christmas Holiday. Enjoy the travel and be prepare for another part of the travel!!

Provence, France


Edinburgh, Scotland


Best Places For Christmas Holiday: Malmö, Sweden


Christmas at Lilla Torg, Malmö, Sweden

Christmas Decorated Tree, Malmö, Sweden


Goa, India


Taos, New Mexico


World’s Best Places For Christmas Holiday (part 2)