World’s biggest wooden structure

The biggest wooden structure in the world is located in Seville, Spain. Its construction finished in April 2011. It costed the constructors a thing to build and finish it. It was previously planned to be constructed from metal bars. However, after starting its construction the architects realized it would be impossible to finish it. The main reason was the heavy materials that were used. So, after finishing some part of it, they decided to take this part of and replace it with a wooden material.




“Metropol Parasol” as they call it, lies in the heart of Seville. It is also known as “Las Setas”, which means The Mushroom. The reason for this nick name is the overall form of the building. It has a shape of a mushroom and it covers both parts of the street that lies beneath the structure. It is the most beautiful spot not only on the Plaza de la Encarnation, The Incarnation Square, but in the whole city in general.


About the architect

The German Architect, Jurgen Mayer, had an amazing idea how to make you enjoy the view of the city. What he didn’t know was that it will end up being the biggest wooden structure in the world. Firstly the construction have arted in 2005. However, just because of the changes in material they had to make, its official opening happened in 2011. Its base remained made of steel, however the upper part of the mushroom is now wooden. From underneath it looks like a net connecting the two sites of the street.



“Mertopol Parasol” serves like a viewpoint. You have to pay just as little as 3 euros to climb it. However, what you get for these 3 euros is a drink with a view on Seville, whatever you choose for yourself, as well as a postcard at the end of your stay, in case you want to decorate your room with an amazing photo. You can either climb through stairs or with an elevator. What’s good is that you don’t have to reserve your ticket online, even though you can do it if you will. The access is so easy that there are no huge waiting lines like at any other touristic place.




If you happen to visit Seville and you are looking for the best spot for the sunset, you already know it. There is no better place than The Mushroom to enjoy the sunset with a glass of excellent Spanish wine. Both your eyes and your stomach would be thankful. Moreover, if you are for a dinner with a view, yet again you will play on the safer side if you choose this place. On its very top there is a restaurant with typical Spanish food that serves tapas. You can either bring a good company with you, but you will love it equally if you spend an afternoon on your own. Actually in Seville the most difficult thing is to be alone. There is always someone out there who is willing to talk to you.



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