World’s Most Impressive Buildings


Today we have made a list of the World’s Most Impressive Buildings and we hope that you will find it pretty interesting. We have included many buildings that feature something special. So, if you have ever wondered which one is the tallest library, the largest office building, the largest theater or the tallest church in the world, you will find out from our list below. Another buildings that can be found on the list below are the tallest museum, as well as the tallest hospital. Scroll down to find which are these buildings as well as many others that we have included on our list of the world’s most impressive buildings. Enjoy!

1. World’s Largest Civilian Administrative Building, World’s Most Expensive Administrative Building and World’s Heaviest Building –

Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania

2. World’s Largest Theater – The Conference Center, Salt Lake City

conference center salt lake city

3. World’s Largest Office Building, Pentagon

4. World’s Tallest Library – the Shanghai Library

5. World’s Largest Stone Dome – The Global Vipassana Pagoda, Mumbai

6. World’s Longest Airport Terminal – Kansai International Airport, Osaka

7. World’s Largest Library – Library of Congress

8. World’s Tallest Church, Ulm, Germany

9. World’s Tallest Masonry Building – Philadelphia City Hall

10. World’s Tallest Museum, Turin, Italy

11. World’s Largest Building by Volume – Air India Boeing 777 200lr

12. World’s Largest One Story Building – Kennedy Space Center

13. World’s Largest Building by Floor Space – Dubai International Airport

14. World’s Largest Flower Auction Building – Aalsmeer Flower Auction, Netherlands

15. World’s Largest Building ever built in a Single Phase – Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

16. World’s Tallest Hospital – Guy’s Hospital, London

17. World’s Tallest Man made Structure – Burj Dubai