World’s Smallest Countries Worth Visiting

World's Smallest Countries Worth Visiting

Check out our list of World’s Smallest Countries that are definitely worth visiting. Each one of them is less than 200 square miles in area but they are all considered as tourist attractions because of the many things they offer. You will be impressed by the beautiful nature, the historic architecture, the amazing beaches and all the other awesome things that these small countries can offer. Enjoy!

Vatican City

Vatican City is the world’s smallest country with only 0.2 square miles in area. This state with a population of 770, is ruled by the Pope. It surrounds St. Peter’s Basilica and it is the spiritual center for the world’s Roman Catholics.

Vatican city
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Monaco is a famous tourist attraction because of Monte Carlo’s casinos and also because of the Princess Grace Kelly. This state lies along the French Riviera on the French Mediterranean coast near Nice. It has a population of 32,000 and an area of 0.7 square miles.

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San Marino

San Marino is the oldest state in Europe, founded in the fourth century. It has a population of 29,000 and an area of 24 square miles and it is located on Mt. Titano in north central Italy.

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Liechtenstein has a population of 34,000 and an area of 62 square miles. Located on the Rhine River between Switzerland and Austria in the Alps, this tiny state has many things to offer, especially in winter, when you can enjoy skiing.

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Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is located in the northern Pacific Ocean and it has an area of 70 square miles.

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Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a federal two-island country in the West Indies. It has a population of 39,000 and an area of 104 square miles.

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The Republic of Seychelles has a population of 81,000 and an area of 107 square miles. Located in the Indian Ocean, this state is the perfect choice for an awesome vacation.

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The Republic of the Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, with a population of 340,000 and an area of 115 square miles. The Maldives are famous for its amazing white sand beaches and the crystal clear water. This is the perfect place for honeymoons.

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Malta is an island state with a population of 400,000 and an area of 122 square miles and it is located south of the Italian island of Sicily.

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This Caribbean country, with a population of 90,000 and an area of 133 square miles, is located close to Venezuela.

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