Worst Diets Ever:  Nutritionists and Science Can Back It Up


If you’re like every human being on this Earth, you’ve probably given into a dieting trend of fad in hopes of getting that body you’ve always wanted… it’s okay, we’ve all done it. When you tried that diet, did it work for you? Some of those diets, as crazy as they seemed, actually did work for some people… the only thing about those was that the moment you deviated from that diet, you almost immediately gained the weight back that you had lost.

Everyone who deviates from a diet doesn’t necessarily do it on purpose… it typically happens due to sustainability reasons. The average person who works an eight-hour shift is not going to feel like coming home to either cook certain meals from scratch that require you to shop at a special store to get specific ingredients you can’t buy anywhere else.

That’s the thing about diets, they sound good initially but consistency is the key to any type of weight loss journey. A lot of these dieting trends have recipes that are hard to remain consistent with. They require too much work. Ironically, there actually are unusual diets that are effective but they’re definitely not recommended. 

With dieting, it essentially needs to become a lifestyle change… not some lose the weight quick type of thing because just as quick as you can lose the weight, you have the potential to gain it back even faster… and nutritionists can back it up. Take a look at some of the worst diets ever that people have actually tried.

The Baby Food Diet

Believe it or not, there are real adult humans in the world who adopted the baby food diet as a way to lose weight… crazy, right? Baby food is ultimately regular fruits, vegetables, and meat in puree form, so there’s nothing about it really that would make you lose weight. On top of that, the diet is by no means sustainable. 

Implementing this diet would not make you feel full and you could end up eating more food than you actually need, just to feel full. Just think about it… after a long day at work, you come home and eat baby food… that’s just crazy!

The Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Diet

This is a diet where you mix ACV with cayenne pepper and honey and drink it before every meal. If you can, just imagine the pain you’re putting your stomach through with all the acid and hot spice? It can be very irritating to the lining of your stomach, especially for those who suffer from IBS or for those who have bad acid reflux disease. If you want to eat less or feel full faster, just drink a glass of water before each meal… that will get you full faster and not upset your stomach or cause heartburn.

The Military Diet

This diet is just as tough as it sounds. This diet consists of a meal plan that’s very restricted on your calorie intake for three days, and then for the next four days, you can eat whatever you want… Nutritionists state that there is no scientific or medical merit to this diet whatsoever. Instead, find a diet that is rich in fiber and protein. The Mediterranean diet allows you to eat a lot of the foods you love and it’s sustainable. The Mediterranean diet was ranked number one in best overall diets, according to WebMD. For chicken recipes, you can visit themediterraneandish.com

The Clay Diet

This particular diet is one that certain celebrities have sworn by. You place clay in a glass of water and stir, and drink. This is said to remove toxins from your body and curb your appetite. Nutritionists do not recommend this particular diet at all because of the health risks involved. The clay, while it’s supposedly removing toxins from your body, is also removing important nutrients from your body that your body needs to absorb. It’s hard to believe but people actually did this and lived by it… It was unsustainable then and it’s unsustainable now.

The Air Diet

Brace yourself… there is an actual diet that people call the air diet. This is a diet where you simply hold your fork and pretend to eat all the foods you love that are high in calories so that you don’t give into actually eating those foods. This type of diet is said to promote eating disorders and can lead to muscle breakdown because you’re not eating any real food! This diet might be okay in the land of make-believe, but in the real world, you need real food!