Wood plastic composite is made of composite material as wood floor, thermoplastic, PE, PV, PVC etc. In the 1990s at decking market, the first Wood-plastic composite was introduced. WPC vinyl flooring is made with a wood-plastic composite backing instead of a solid. Engineer combines recycled wood pulp. For strength and stability, they are using plastic composites. WPC vinyl flooring is the second degree of natural fiber plastic composites, which are made from natural resources as bamboo, straw and peanut hulls. WPC vinyl flooring is called for future of flooring because it is next generation of luxury vinyl flooring. Compare to luxury, it is developed with a special waterproof core to make a perfect home.


In the building material, the wood plastic composite is using as long lifetime in the natural number. It is more environmentally friendly. It has less require so the alternatives of wood treated as soft as wool. WPC vinyl flooring is using on outdoor deck floors. They are also used for railings, landscaping timbers, cladding, fences, siding, window, door frame, indoor furniture, park benches, moulding and trim. It is as well as luxury vinyl flooring but it has a more waterproof core, will not be damaged in the event of a spill, best using for swimming pool and other areas. The big quality of this flooring is the advanced technological construction. A WPC vinyl is thicker than traditional vinyl, so it is used anywhere easily. It is like a laminate in the home.


(I)      Because it is hundred percent waterproof.

(II)     It is easy to install more than luxury vinyl.

(III)    WPC has no requirement for underlayment.

(IV)   It is also installed over most subfloors.

(V)    WPC is more secured beside other because it has four layer – protective wear layer, vinyl layer, Inno core material and cork underlayer.

(VI)   It has no swelling when exposed to water.

(VII) WPC has a tap lock glue-less locking system.

(VIII) It has limitation expansion and it is suitable for change the environment.

(IX)    WPC construction gives it more stability and strength.


(I)    Advantage: WPC does absorb water into their wood fibers because WPCs do not corrode and it is highly resistant to rot. WPC can be shaped using woodworking tools to their good workability. The recycled plastics and the waste products of the wood industry are using to make in making WPC so it is considered as a sustainable material. In WPC construction polymers and adhesives make it again after use. So the recycle of wastage material and make it as a big advantage.

(II)   Disadvantage: The ratio of renewable to non-renewable materials of WPCs directly affected the environmental impact. In this mechanism, petroleum-based polymers are using so have a negative environmental impact.

So the wood plastic composite has a big perfection to nature and environment.