Yoga Burn DVD’s – Customer Positive & Negative Reviews


Yoga Burn is a weight loss and body shaping program developed by Zoe Bray-Cotton, an expert in the field of yoga and fitness. She identified the need for a user-friendly program which caters to all women, regardless of their previous experience or fitness ability. It consists of 15 videos, along with a lot of information and advice, and is available as a digital resource suitable for all devices.

The official website obviously promotes the product in a positive way, but without the overkill similar sites adopt, but what do the people who have bought and tried the Yoga Burn DVD program think? Read more about Yoga Burn DVD’s here:

The main points mentioned in positive reviews

[The following customer reviews are taken from the official Yoga Burn website.]

Weight loss – dropping the pounds along with inches from problem areas is mentioned a lot by those who have either nearly or fully completed the program.

Increased muscle tone/body strength – lots of women mention being able to do exercises such as push-ups which were impossible pre-program.

Better balance – being able to master tricky poses was a great achievement for some.

Nutritional knowledge – the meal plan information has enabled plenty of women to understand more about what each type of food contains and does to the body.

Convenience – for many the flexibility of the program was worthy of praise, especially as each woman can choose her own pace.

Other positive comments reported improved sleep, reduced stress levels, better posture, an easy to understand/follow program, increased stamina for exercises, fun, and good for all ages.

The main points mentioned in negative reviews

There actually aren’t a lot of negative reviews of Yoga burn around, and in most cases any found is mild and combined with plenty of praise for other aspects of it. Here are the main things people found a little troublesome.

Too easy – the program is intended to suit women with no experience and allow them to grow and develop over the course of the Yoga Burn videos, so if someone was looking for a high level yoga course they are bound to be a little disappointed.

Not enough warnings – another yoga instructor pointed out that certain poses covered tend to produce the same mistakes in most new students, yet these were not clearly pointed out. However, this was countered with the opinion that the repetition of poses and the clear instructions could help the student to identify any mistakes.

Additional offers – Yoga Burn is a stand-alone program but once it is finished there is the option of continuing with a further program, [Yoga Burn Monthly], which consists of 6 DVDs in total. The first DVD is often on an advertising promotion and can be ordered for free, with the subscription kicking in for month 2 if not cancelled. Some viewers felt this was not clear enough, as the subscription information is at the very end of the long advertorial, and subsequently didn’t cancel it, ending up with a DVD they had to pay for.