You have to lose something big in order to grow


We are tought to stick to the things that matter the most to us. This is something that has no intention to change in the future. The more we have, the more we are affraid of losing it. The more we achieve, the more careful we are in risking its loss. We do everything to save it.

No one wants to lose something worth for him. The problem rises when we think that everything in live goes lineal. One good choice leads to another good choice, easilly and effortlessly. But the truth is that  not always is the case for the sake of ballance.


Our growth is everything but proportionally. In most of the cases you have to go several steps back before you make a huge one forward. Even though it is a universal law that you have to stick to the things you love best, sometimes it is necessary to lose something of a great value in order to grow.

We can not face a new chapter in our life if we always go equiped with old bagadge. We can not always have the feeling of safty and security while we are on the way to our growth and batter version of ourself. It seems like the uncomfortability is not only unwilling but much needed and essential consequence from the growth.


If there is no uncomfortabillity, there is no will for change. If we don’t lose something we never experience the need of achieving something. And no matter how sure we want to be in the process of our growth, this is simply impossible.

The growth is a result of an inner fight. The change comes from the dissatisfaction. And in order to recieve the good things that are on the way, it is necessary to make room for them in our life. You have to lose something you like in order to recieve something you love.

We have to let go of relationship we do not feel safe at in order to open the door for the new one that will make us grow. We have to forget about the security in order to challeng ourself to reach new levels. And what’s very important, we have to let go of the pride in order to find something that fills us.


Before we meet the things that make us grow, transform us into the best version of ourself and push us only towards the top, we have to feel completely empty. We have to be ready and willing to lower down or even break down our deffensive system, to leave away the pride and especially accept the fact that what follows might won’t be comfortable. However, it will be worth it.

The very beggining of all the transformations is the acceptance. You can not make any changes if you do not take responsability for the actions. Learn from the past, look at the life as something balanced with a lots of ups and downs but always keep the faith that better days are comming.