You only thought you knew everything about the human body


Are you one of those people who claim to have investigated and learned everything about their own body? Well, let me tell you that there’s always something you missed during the process. As the life is a journey and we never stop learning new things, our body is not an exception. Even though the greatest part of our body is already explored to details by the experts, there’s still something to be learned in the future.


Therefore, we only share with you the less know facts discovered so far.

Have you ever heard about the fact that the only organ of the human body that doesn’t get supplied with blood is the cornea of the eyes. This part of the body receives the necessary oxygen directly from the air that surrounds us.
Every person’s skull is made of twenty nine different types of bones, each of them equally important.
If you ever decide to weight the bacteria that live in the human’s body you’ll come with two kilos of such thing.
The people who have blue eyes tend to be twice as sensitive as the rest of the population.
Moreover, the people’s skin changes as much as a thousand times during the lifetime.
The kids tend to grow faster in Spring rather in any other time of the year.
If you constantly beat your head from a wall you will lose about 150 calories in one hour.
If you are never to cut your hair in your entire life, it will grow as much as 725 km.
A funny yet useful fact is that the smell of apples and bananas help you in the process of losing weight.
Out of all the beings alive on this planet, the people are the only ones that can sleep on their back.
It is a common fact that the small kids ask way too many questions. What’s less known is that the number of questions per day can reach incredibly number of 450.
In normal conditions a normal person needs only about seven minutes in order to fall asleep.
Out of all the organs of the human body, the teeth are the only ones that can not get cured on their own. Everything else can be cured with an appropriate attitude, will and effort with no other tools nor medicine.
The human’s brain is one of the most active organs of the entire body. As much as 100.000 chemical reactions happen inside it in a single second.
 Maybe not the most useful yet definitely the strongest muscle of the human body is the tongue.
The weight of the human’s skin is twice as the weight of the human’s brain.
When you eat something, what it takes to the food until it reaches the belly are seven seconds.
The function of the saliva is to help you feel the flavor of the food, as well as help it in the process of melting and prepare it for further processing.
You can lift something as heavy as 3 kg with the force of your hair. That’s how strong it is.