Your Baby Body


For some couples, trying to conceive can be an exhaustive and emotional roller coaster ride. There is an assumption that people can just have a baby whenever they want to. While it’s true that some women are just able to get pregnant at the drop of a hat, other women have to do some work at it. We study our ovulation schedules, listen to girlfriends and their advice, stop taking birth control, monitor our temperatures, change our diets,  and even read resources for IVF info. Then the glorious moment happens!

You Did It!

Once you are confirmed that you have finally conceived, you will feel a flood of emotions. Tears of sheer joy will flow freely, a bit of fear will creep in, and you will want to share the news with everyone. You may feel overwhelmed, shocked that it happened, empowered, fall in love with your partner all over again, and even love the small bean growing in your lower belly.

After The Initial Shock

Once you bring yourself back to the real world, take a few deep breaths, and have told important people who have to know, you may find yourself suddenly going into “mommy-mode”. Many women start piling up the books about pregnancy, ready pregnancy blogs and start worrying about the wardrobe. Maternity clothes of yesteryear still exist in the backs of our minds and we fear we won’t be the stylish mom. Don’t worry! We have made great strides in improving maternity wear and as your body changes, you will be looking like a glowing goddess.

Speaking Of Body Changes

Body changes are one of the hardest things to cope with for some women. Really, the hormone changes and body changes go hand in hand. Some days you will feel like a fat cow and we are here to tell you that it’s okay and normal to feel that way. Body changes happen very quickly and often even before we physically see the change. In the beginning, you will mostly notice the mood changes.  Morning sickness could happen early on and over 50% of women experience everything from a bit of nausea to vomiting. If you are unable to keep anything in your stomach, contact your OB immediately to discuss the issue. Not all pregnancies are the same and if you have more than one child, you may not experience morning sickness every time. One woman had morning sickness with her first child but not her second or third.

The Growth Of The Belly

A growing belly one of the most associated physical attributes to pregnancy. This is the moment where you may be bombarded with the advice you have not asked for. People on the streets will try to tell you the sex of your child based on how you carry (and those myths are often wrong!). In worst case scenarios, some people will tell you that you are showing too soon or gaining too much weight. Some women don’t show until they give birth! Until your doctor expresses concern about your health, there is nothing wrong with how you are growing, carrying, or anything else people will want to say. And yes, you can tell them that you appreciate their unsolicited advice.

Dealing With A Larger Belly

Depending on the size of your baby, how far along you are, and your own body frame has an impact on how large of a belly you will have. No matter how large, we all struggle with similar issues dealing with things like not being able to tie our shoes or needing a pillow to support your tummy when you lay down.  Remember, you are a goddess bringing life to this planet and it’s an honor for someone to tie your shoes for you or paint your toenails. You deserve it, Queen!

Getting pregnant and having a baby is an amazing time in anyone’s life. Roll with those changes, express how you feel often, and enjoy every kick you get. You are going to love this ride.