Your Holiday Wardrobe Essentials


From sunbathing to sightseeing to the dancefloor, all you need are ten key items that you can mix and match for an effortless combination of outfits – ideal for your holiday when packing can sometimes be stressful, and if you only have a hand luggage allowance.

Here are the 10 holiday wardrobe essentials and check out eBay fashion deals at Groupon.

The Beach Bag

Take all your essentials with you and go and have some fun in the sun! The multi purpose beach bag might be straw – versatile and chic, nylon – practical and cool, or canvas – durable and classic but whatever it is it should add the finishing touch to your outfit. All of them.

The Day to Night Outfits

Multi Stripe, Frill Wrap, Midi, Maxi dresses, they are all perfect to transform your day look into your night look. Sprooch up your hair and makeup – curls and red lips always does the trick. Accessorise with some bling. Slip into gorgeous heels.

The Versatile Skirt

You can pair it up with almost anything anytime. Pretty, flower-filled prints typically lend to a statement look.

The Sheer Blouses

Perfect for lounging around by the pool or sun tanning on the beach – the sheer top is lightweight so will dry easy, it doesn’t take up much room in your luggage and looks great dancing the night away.

The Comfortable Sandals

Being able to sightsee all day and then head off out for cocktails in the evening without having painful feet is the dream. Packing comfortable shoes is essential, whether they are sandals, trainers or flip flops, make sure you look after your feet on holiday. And don’t forget  your pedi before you strut your stuff on holiday.

The Flattering Swimsuit

Make sure your swimsuit makes you feel as great as you look. Whether it is a one piece or bikini – it’s all about attitude.  

The Multi Purpose Scarf

A Scarf is undoubtedly the most versatile piece of holiday kit going. You can wear it as a headscarf, shawl, blanket, skirt, dress – there are endless ways you can use your scarf.

The Summer Sunglasses

They are not just only a great accessory to make you look and feel good but sunglasses most important job is to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. If you haven’t packed your eyeglasses yet , OvernightGlasses can be of great help.

The Lightweight Jacket

Kimono, Denim Jacket, Sarong, – something that can easily glide over your outfit will be perfect for stroll on the beach, cocktail hour or dining out to a candlelit meal.

The Perfect Summer Hat

Hats are a stylish way to cap off your summer look – whether its a straw, floppy or  panama, they create a chic barrier to the sun’s UV rays.

So with all the essentials ticked off – happy holiday.