Your Honeymoon: The Perfect Beginning of For the Next Chapter of Your Lives


You know those enchanting honeymoon stories you’ve admired for so long? Well, it’s now your turn to change your world. Have you ever wondered what it takes to have a honeymoon that makes for great memories?  

Well, the truth is the couple must do a lot of planning to make their wedding and honeymoon appear to work like a fantasy. It’s all about thinking things through from wedding day to honeymoon.

It all starts with the wedding day…

The Wedding Day

No honeymoon can start without the wedding day. The last thing you want is to be thinking about something that went wrong on your wedding day the entire time you are supposed to be on vacation. Luckily, you will have plenty of time to plan everything out.


One thing you should absolutely think about as early as possible is your wedding attire. The bride should take time looking at numerous designer wedding dresses before making her selection. The groom, too, should make sure he has time to find the perfect bespoke suit. The extra time allows for alterations which result in a perfect fit.

Then, of course, the perfect dress and suit have to be worn on the day of the perfect reception. How do you pull off a perfect reception? Basically, you get out of the way and hand it over to professionals. Find a catering company that specializes in wedding receptions. Find a vendor that knows through experience exactly what it’s doing. You may even want to hire a professional wedding planner to help you manage all of the details.


Once your wedding goes off without a hitch, it is time to get to relaxing on your honeymoon.


The Honeymoon Vacation

How do you plan a vacation that works seamlessly from air travel to rental car costs, from gourmet meals to luxuriant resorts?

Work within distinct guidelines.

Let’s take a closer look at your top five guidelines.

  1. Work Out A Budget

It’s never fun to overspend and then suffer the consequences. Even millionaires have budgets. So it’s not about practicing frugality and experiencing deprivation. Instead, it’s about allocating money to meet all your needs throughout your trip.

The first step, of course, is deciding how much money we’re talking about. Once you have a figure to work with, then you can decide where you’re going to go.

Here are some of the things your budget will have to cover


  1.  Hotel expenses.
  2.  Air travel
  3. Car rental costs.
  4. Excursions.
  5. Meals.
  6. Bar tabs.
  7. Entrance fees.
  8. Gratuities.
  9. Taxi rides.
  10. Travel insurance.


Fortunately, you can research many of your expenses with just a telephone and a computer. Make a reasonable guess for the rest, which will be the incidentals. 

Also, research things like shipping costs for sending exotic purchases home. Look into checked baggage fees, and try to anticipate any customer surcharges.

If possible, also arrange for backup funds. This is for an emergency that exceeds your budget. You don’t want to get you stranded in another country because you lost all your cash and don’t have bank access if you are somewhere remote.

Why is a budget necessary? Why not just take a large chunk of money and figure it out as you go along? It’s because you’ll fritter away a lot of money on the things that don’t matter. When you do, you won’t have enough for the things that do matter. Essentially, you’re increasing your chances of pleasure and decreasing your risk of pain.

  1. Create A Realistic Schedule

The worst way to schedule a honeymoon is to rush around on a tight schedule. You need to create cushion times. This will account for unexpected delays, surprising cancellations, and getting lost. Also, you may experience jet lag if you’re flitting between time zones. So you need time to recuperate.

Your schedule should be tight enough to get everything you want to get done. It should be flexible enough to handle unexpected snafus.

  1. Figure Out Your Priorities

It may seem strange to talk about priorities on a honeymoon. But it can make the difference between maximizing your fun and missing out on things.

We’re not talking about creating a spreadsheet. Nor are we hinting at creating a Kanban Board for quality control. 

Instead, keep it simple. Just make a list of all your options. What sports are available? What cultural events? What traditional cuisines? 

Then pick the top 3 out of every major category. The first item on each list should be what you must experience. The second is something you should experience. The third is what it would be nice to experience if you have the time.

  1. Explore The New And Different

Of course, now is the time to try out new things, too. Do things you’ve never done before.It could range from snorkeling to deep sea diving. It could range from karaoke to learning a cultural dance.

  1. Avoid The Perils Of Overscheduling

Finally, you don’t just want to rush from one place to another or one event to another. You also need time to do nothing, to relax, to unwind. You need time to have deep discussions about the meaning of life under a coconut tree in the moonlight.

What about Spontaneity?

This plan allows you plenty of room for spontaneity. It also reduces the risk of conflict and chaos. Even if your plan begins to fall apart through your honeymoon, you won’t have a miserable time.  Your honeymoon will have the support of an invisible structure.