You’re Missing Out if You Don’t Smoke Cigars from These 5 Countries


Are you enjoying cigar smoking for all it’s worth? I hope you’re not limiting yourself because you found that one brand you love.

You know different countries and brands have unique characteristics. Why switch to something else if you’re happy, right?

I made this mistake for many years. Then I saw the many options cigar stores offered and I got curious. Luckily.

My favorite was always the cigars made in the Dominican Republic. The unique soil and climate created exactly what I was after. Or so I thought.

I simply didn’t investigate enough before I settled on a favorite brand.

Don’t get me wrong, Dominican cigars are still at the top of my list. But other countries surprised me when I put in the effort to learn about them. And here are some of the best I found.

Some Cigar Jargon

If you’re anything like me—a cigar fanatic—this is probably your favorite dinner topic. But get your facts straight. Let’s not confuse the less informed. Let’s always be knowledgeable to inspire others to enjoy cigars as much as we do.

When you’re buying a cigar of a certain country it’s not necessarily from that country. Cigars are allocated to a country for these reasons:

       The cigars were made in the country. But this means the tobacco can come from somewhere else.

       The country’s unique manufacturing process is followed. You can purchase an Italian cigar made in the US if the Americans kept to Italy’s procedures meticulously.

Make sense? Now let’s find the best ones you have to try next.

International Bests

From Italy

Recently Amazon released its Arabesque and it won prizes from the get go.

If you love aesthetics you’ll love it too because it’s shorter than most cigars at only 85mm. It’s a medium to full strength cigar and the combination of aromas makes it appropriate for many different palates:




       Earthy flavors

       A Balsamic edge

Don’t let it pass because of its small size. It will still keep you busy for almost an hour.

This is my favorite Italian cigar, but we’re all different. So I will throw in these alternatives:

       Ambasciator Italico Superiore Riserva Premium which has some spicier undertones.

       CTS Tornabuoni Spingarda D’Anghiari if you love cigars with hints of leather aromas. This is a full strength cigar for the bold smoker.

I never knew Italy had cigar experts. I’m glad I found out the truth.

From Cuba

Cuba is synonymous with cigars so I’m hoping this country’s products are already on your favorites list. Of course, trade embargos can prevent you from tasting all the ones worth your time.

Yes, you’ll find some Cuban cigars manufactured in other countries. As mentioned above these are technically still Cubans. But I’m sorry to say they’re never as good as the real thing.

And not all Cubans are fun to smoke. Their harsh, bitter tastes can be too much for some smokers.

But if you do find yourself in Cuba or get your hands on some of their trade products, here are the ones you should try first.

You’ll find the Montecristo No.2 on many top rated lists. While native Cubans probably love the harsher tastes, the world has fallen in love with this medium to full body cigar.

Once again, you may be different to the crowds who made the Montecristo the most sold and well known cigar in the world. Perhaps you prefer a smooth taste of wood and floral undertones. Then you should try the Bolivar Belisco.

And don’t ever forget the Romeo y Julieta Churchill. The romantic name aligns with the creamy taste and the fantasy surrounding the cigar as it’s the favorite of many celebrities.

From America

In the American market you have to look for cigars using leaves from Connecticut and Tampa. They’re perfect for wrappers as well as filling the cigars.

You’re forgiven for thinking some of these products aren’t proudly American. But don’t let the names confuse you.

Many of the best tobacco farmers and cigar manufacturers have European & South American backgrounds. But they flocked to America to take part in the booming cigar market. Some of the first cigar factories originated in the US almost 5 centuries ago.

These are some of the best products around:

       The Don Pepin Garcia has ties to the Cuban cigar market, but this one is made in the US. If you love boldness and pepper undertones this should be on your list.

       The Barracuda STK Miami is made in Little Havana. Once again it has links to Cuba as it’s managed by George Rico, a famed cigar expert from Gran Habano. The cigar also incorporates Nicaraguan leaves.

       Don’t leave out the little cigars such as Nat Sherman’s Point Fives Maduro. These have even more flavor than most normal cigars. If you haven’t tried one, what are you waiting for?

From South America

Apart from Cuba you can trust South American cigars from the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua. These countries’ tobacco leaves are used in many other nations’ products.

If you find an original Arturo Fuente, you’ll think you’ve gone to cigar heaven.

From Switzerland

A name that’s popping up all over the globe is Davidoff. This Swiss cigar manufacturer is stealing the hearts of Russians, Chinese and many other nations. The products incorporate Dominican and Nicaraguan ingredients, so you’re actually smoking a cigar from all these countries.

Davidoff makes many different premium cigars. Because they’re known for quality and flavor you can pick any size or flavor & you’ll be happy.

Are you curious enough to try something different now? Your first love will always have a special place in your humidor. But in the competitive cigar market manufacturers continually add new—amazing—cigars to their product lists. Your ideal cigar may be in the making now. Will you get out of your comfort zone?