Youtube Video Sharing And Making Money – All Begins With Views And Subscribers


You would have seen various ads or promotions saying “buy YouTube subscribers,” and if you wonder why someone would buy subscribers on YouTube, perhaps you are not familiar with the YouTube monetization or don’t know how it works and what’s essential for it. Hence, you should know that subscribers and views are two main factors that primarily control the monetization on YouTube.

So, you should have these both in a pre-defined amount if you are also willing to make money by uploading videos on the internet. Before we discuss how these things control money-making, let’s see some possibilities related to this worldwide famous video sharing platform and how people are getting benefits out of it.

What Are People Doing With The Means Of Youtube?

YouTube has evolved beyond imagination in the past decade, and now it is one of the major platforms that people visit for entertainment, knowledge, news, innovation and monetization. So, you can say that this platform has something for everyone, and just because it is more about audio-visual content and less textual, it is more preferred by people. In recent times, more and more people are using the platform to spread their knowledge, helping people learn new things.

And as most of the content is free for the viewers and yet the creators are getting paid, it has created an excellent source of income and affordable source of knowledge for all. The user interface of YouTube has never failed to attract every visitor. At the same time, the creators’ forum is also fantastic, and almost anyone can create, optimize and upload a YouTube video and share it with the world.

Becoming A Youtube Creator – What Does It Take To Start Sharing With The World?

Yes, anyone can indeed become a YouTuber and all you need for it is some unique content of your own. Sometimes you don’t need to become a YouTuber for money, but you can use the forum to share and spread something that you want the world to see. It could be some of your skill, your product, some less-known place that you visited, or a brand or company which you want to popularize.

While working with YouTube, you will soon realize that there are three main things most emphasized on the website: views, likes, and subscribers on your YouTube video or channel. And to monetize your channel, you need to cross the threshold limit of view hours and subscribers. This would eventually happen on its own if your content is worthy, or you can spend some initial money to get a head start as many people buy YouTube subscribers from external sources.

Sharing related content on YouTube will bring you views, organic traffic, and it could also get you some unexpected leads, just like social media marketing or online advertisements. The user database of YouTube is not less than any other visit, and you might have noticed that several videos on the platform have billions of views and millions of likes and shares. It tells that you can also get famous through the website if your content has the potential.

Monetize The Youtube Channel And Get A Self-Working Source Of Income

On the other hand, monetization of the content you upload on YouTube is also easily achievable if that’s your purpose of sharing on YouTube is. Many successful YouTube creators earn millions of dollars through several means that are legally promoted on YouTube. If you are also willing to make it a constant source of income for you, you can do it in the following ways.

  • For the beginning, one can use the platform for traffic conversion by leaving a forward link in the description box of your YouTube video so that people can visit the website or webstore where the actual product or content is available for purchase or access.
  • Or, one can get paid for the ads that are being shown at several instances during their video is being played by a viewer. This ad generated revenue system has basic requirements that you need to fulfil and has specific terms and conditions.
  • Once your channel grows in numbers of views and subscribers, you can collaborate with other brands and service providers to promote their content, and in return, you can get paid for the promotion. For this, many people initially buy YouTube subscribers or views from many external sources.

More Ways To Earn Money By Youtube And Scale Your Income

Most of the YouTubers earn through these basic means, while there are a few more popular ways on YouTube to monetize your channel. But these methods are only successful for those who have a great fanbase on the forum, and their viewers are dedicated and crazy about the content. 

  • Various YouTube channels are not open to the public and have a paid subscription to access the content. This way, you can also make your channel private and ask the viewers to pay for watching the content.
  • Other popular YouTubers sell their merchandise on YouTube, which their viewers can buy through the simple store link that is available on YouTube.
  • YouTube also pays you a fraction of the amount from the YouTube premium subscription if you meet specific guidelines decided by YouTube. For this, you will need a good number of subscribers on your channel. You can buy YouTube subscribers if you cannot initially gather a lot of them organically.

So, now you see that it is easy to earn money through YouTube, but this could require an initial investment in time, skills and video editing. It is as vital to have good video editing skills as it is to have unique content. 

Many YouTubers use modern-day VFX and graphical technologies to make their video more attractive and entertaining, and so can you. Once you have uploaded a video on the platform, it will be there forever and keep generating revenue over and over, and you can enjoy effortless money through this means.