Zinedine Zidane way back home


The football is not only a sport. For most of the fanatics, referring only to the real ones, the football is way of life, not even the second most important thing in life, but moreover the very first one! There are die-hard fans that all they care about is football, therefore every news, every transfer of players or coaches, every retirement of a player, loss or win of their favourite team means stress or relief for themselves.

The news that have brought all of the Madridistas worldwide on their knees almost a year ago, was totally opposite of what they have experienced this Monday. The coach they trusted the most, the alive legend that made their dreams come true, the person that turned into reality things and trophies that seemd impossible, for most of the Madridistas their favourite player, at that time the current Real Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane decided to leave the club. With no intention to ever change the decission, the french expert that led the club to four Champions League trophies in the last five years suddenly decides to leave this job to whoever is to be given this chance.


Strange but true, there were Madridistas and football experts all over the world who claimed that what Zidane did was the best decission taken ever. They see his leaving as a sign that he prefered he left the club at the very top and left the door with the head up high! He couldn´t do it better, they say. Even though this turned out to be the worst thing the club had to deal with further on, they, however accepted Zidane´s decission and left him leave the club, no matter how strongly they wished he stayed.

What followed after this moment is easy to be described in only one word: a disaster! The club had to change as much as two other coaches in order to keep in track with the greatest rivals. However, their results did not bring any happiness among the fans. Neither Lopetegui nor Solari made good results, no matter how short period of time did they stayed at the coach seat. The club lost basicly every chance to win any trophy this season. They are already out of the Champions League, out of the Copa del Rey and have almost no chance to win the Spanish La Liga. Sad but true, no trophies for Madrid this season.


They might not win anything, which is more than clear, however, the smile came back to all the Madridistas´faces. After almost 290 days being out of the club, the french expert decides to accept the offer by Florentino Perez and take the power in his hands again, after seeing his lovely club on knees, being helpless. He decides to have a second try and bring back the club there where it belongs, at the very top! It was a Monday to remember for the fans. This brings back the belief and the good spirit inside the team.

Zinedine Zidane signs a new contract with the club which commits him to stay at least untill 2022. Good days are in sight. The hope is back which means the power is back.