10 Brilliant Nail Polish Organization And Storage Ideas


If your nail polish collection consists of ten or more nail polishes, then maybe you are facing the tiny problem of their storage and organization. For that purpose, today we have decided to bring to you 10 Brilliant Nail Polish Organization And Storage Ideas that you will for sure find useful. They will save you some time whenever you try to find the necessary nail polish.

Make yourself a shelf where you can place all of your nail polishes, or maybe use a empty spice rack for the same purpose. You can also choose to place them in crystal shoe drawers or closet jewelry hangers. Check out our ideas below and choose which one you will copy and thus have your nail polishes organized. Enjoy and stay up to date with us for other inspiring organization ideas!

Organize Your Nail Polishes Into Crystal Shoe Drawers

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DIY Nail Polish Box

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Use A Spice Rack As A Nail Polish Storage

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DIY Nail Polish Storage Shelf

Full tutorial: liparazziblog.com

DIY Spinning Nail Polish Display

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Store Them In A Closet Jewelry Hanger

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Use Gift Boxes As A Nail Polish Shelf

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DIY Nail Polish Holder

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Super Easy DIY Nail Polish Organizer

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Nail Polish Rolls

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