10 Genius Ways to Use the Space Under The Stairs


Is the space under the stairs simply a dead space? Maybe it is open, but you don’t know what to do with it. Or perhaps it is a closed up, unused space in your tiny house. We wanted to inspire you to make this little niche more functional, so we gathered 10 genius ways of how some homeowners put this space to use.


Turn the stairs into a small toilet

If you lack a toilet for your guests, you can consider the idea below!

image via www.usnow.org

Place a coat rack inside the stairs

If you are space-limited, you can consider incorporating a coat rack inside the stairs.

image via freshome.com

Use the stairs to store your shoes

The idea is genius, isn’t it?

image via freshome.com

Turn the stairs in a beautifully organized dishware cabinet

Dishes, glasses, pans and pots, you can keep everything organized under the stairs.

image via www.designsponge.com

Store the canned food well

If your kitchen is small, you can consider placing the food and other kitchen items under the stairs.

image via www.thekitchn.com

Store your blankets and pillows

Blankets and pillows can be very tricky for storing and the idea below is perfect for small homes.

image via meganbrookehandmadeblog.com

Hide the TV

You can consider transforming the staircase into a functional cabinet for your tiny living room and place the TV there.

image via www.homedit.com

House for your dog

Stairs can be also transformed into comfortable zone for your dog too.

image via onekindesign.com

Turn the stair in a reading zone

If you love reading, you can put a chair or lounge bed under the stairs and enjoy your books. The idea is great, ins’t it? However, if you decide to go for this idea, choose a proper lighting solution.

image via onekindesign.com

Turn the stairs in a home office

If you are working from home, you can turn this spot in a home office too. Choose a small desk with drawers and place some shelves on the side walls to display some things.

image via onekindesign.com

So, what do you think about these ideas my dear top dreamers? Do you find these ideas interesting and fun? Which idea is your favorite and would you like to incorporate in your home interior? I really like the idea how blankets are stored, but I also like the idea with the dishware. What about you? Share your comments with me. If you already put in use your stairs, please share some pics with us – we would love to see everything you have to show me. Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer!