10 Tips With Electrical Appliances When Away From Home

Photo via informedlandlords.com

Whether someone is leaving the home for a holiday or for a business conference, it is important to remember that accidents with electricity can potentially cause serious problems. These problems may need to be fixed by
Thornbury electrics. There are several ways to minimise the risk of fires and power surges in the house. Follow this simple guide for ten tips on dealing with electrical appliances when away from home.

Unplug All Electrical Equipment

This is the golden rule for dealing with electrical appliances before leaving the home: unplug every appliance so the risk of fires is greatly reduced. Power surges can cause plugs to spark, which may lead to a fire that devastates the whole house. Once all the electrical equipment has been unplugged, tidy everything away neatly so that it easy to plug everything back in once the trip is over.

Repair Any Damaged Appliances Before Leaving

Televisions with frayed wires and malfunctioning hairdryers are just two of the damaged appliances which could potentially cause a fire to break out in the house whilst the owners are away. Visit http://www.thornburyelectrics.com.au to hire quality electricians who will conduct repairs.

Make Sure Blown Fuses Are Replaced

Blown fuses need to be replaced because the overheated wiring that is no longer being protected can potentially be a fire hazard. If the power cuts out, check the fuse box to see which one needs to be replaced.

Turn Off All The Lights

Faulty lights which are accidentally left on before leaving the house could lead to a fire starting. Make sure to go round the house switching off all the lights. This applies to everything from a bedside lamp to the main lights in the living room.

Store Equipment Safely Away From Water

Electrical equipment should be stored safely in a locked cupboard when it is in the bathroom. If appliances such as hair straighteners are left in water, they could potentially malfunction and cause an electric shock the next time they are used.

Ask Neighbours To Check On The House Regularly

Ask a neighbour to check on the house regularly so that they can check for any signs that the electrics might be unstable. They can report anything unusual.

Store Valuable Electronics At A Friend’s House

Valuable electronics such as games consoles can be stored at a friend’s house if homeowners are worried about break-ins.

Inform Any Housesitters About Potential Hazards

Asking someone to ‘housesit’ is a fantastic way of making sure the home will stay in good working order. Warn them about any electrical faults in the house so that they are able to call for assistance in the event of an emergency.

Don’t Leave Pets Unsupervised

Unsupervised pets can chew through cables and potentially give themselves a fatal electric shock. A frayed cable could also lead to a fire breaking out. Send the pets to stay with relatives or take them to a local animal care centre.

Leave An Electrician’s Number With Teenagers

Responsible teenagers can be left in the house unsupervised once they are old enough. Leave an electrician’s number with the children so that they can contact someone in the event of an emergency.

Hopefully, this guide will be useful for people who will be leaving their house unattended and are worried about electrical problems.