11 DIY Gift Ideas


If you don’t have an idea what to buy for present, you are on the  right place. You don’t have to buy anything. We have wonderful DIY gift ideas for you. All you need you have  at home. Use your imagination and make something interesting and useful by your own. Your creation surely will be more beautiful, more appreciated  and more cheap.

Below are 11 interesting DIY gift ideas.

A-Frame Tent

Surprise your kids. There is a Frame tent made by Rubyellen’s method.

source kids house

Minimal Magazine Rack

Made for your “love” a little magazine rack to keep all magazines in the same place.

source stalaza

 Recipe Book

If you have some lovely person wants to cook, this recipe book is the right thing for him/her. Look in the source how to make in the easiest way.

source Album

 Canvas Transfer Portrait

Make canvas transfer portrait for someone who loves art and photography.

source Paint

Button bowl

All you need for a button bowl are a balloon, hot/super glue and a bunch of buttons. You can use one color buttons, a few colors or  a bunch of colors.

source Button-bowl

Therapeutic sacks

Do you have cold fits all the time? Make this fantastic therapeutic sacks which are easy to keep clean – when they get dirty throw them in the washer.


Mini mosaic serving tray

This is excellent for a winter days. You’ll have hot tea near to you during all winter.


Vintage tin candles

Reuse all the butts of old candles and make new and decorative candle.


A Fork Bracelet

You’ll be surprised how easy is to make a bracelet. All you need you have at  home.



Animal Key Chain

If you have a little piece of leather which is not useful and you want throw away, STOP. This is an DIY gift idea how to use it.

Animal Key Chain :: DIY


Hot Chocolate

Enjoy during all year.

Hot Chocolate