12 Beautiful Huskies


The natural  habitat of the Huskies are the Northern regions where the weather is cold. They descend directly from wolves in those regions. The Husky dogs are known as athletic and energetic. They have a thick double coat to protect them in the cold weather. The color of the coat can is usually grey or black, but it can be white or copper red, some Husky dogs even have eyes in different colors. Huskies have the most beautiful eyes, blue, green, brown or even yellow.

The Huskies are used for pulling sleds in the Arctic.  The difference between the Husky dog and all of the other sled pulling type dogs is that the Huskies have a fast pulling style. And that is the reason why people use Huskies to pull their sleds in the Arctic. The largest and most powerful sled dog is the Alaskan Malamut, which is a bread of Husky.

Because of their beauty many people own Huskies as a pet. Since the domestic pet Huskies  don’t  a chance to pull sleds there are a lot of alternative activities to keep the dog happy. If you own a Husky consider these activities to keep the dog happy. Dog hiking- if you live near a woodland trails would be ideal. Carting- instead of pulling a sled the dog can pull a cart instead. Dog scootering- the owner owns a scooter and the Husky pulls the scooter. Skijoring- is very similar with the sled pulling with the difference that the owner doesn’t   need a full pack of Huskies. Bikejoring- the dog is attached to the owners bike through a harness which keeps the owner and the dog safe.


husky-1 snow-dogs husky- White Husky