13 Beautiful Horses


Although the people have started domestication around 4000 BC there there are still domesticated horses that live in the wild. They are called feral horses. Even though they live in the wild they are not true wild horses. Wild horse is a horse that has never been domesticated. The only true wild horse is the Przewalski’s horse. This bread of horse is an endangered species.

The horses are characterized with a highly developed sense of balance and thanks to their speed they are able to escape predators. Another fun fact for horses is that they are able to sleep while standing on their feet.

In the world there are over 300 breads of horses, for lots of purposes. Horses can be divided into 3 groups. Hot bloods , cold bloods and warm bloods. Hot blooded horses are characterized with high endurance and speed. Cold blooded horses (the ponies belong in this group) are suitable for slow, hard and heavy work. The warm blooded horses are a mixed breed between hot bloods and cold bloods and are most used for riding purposes.

The size and the weight of the horse depends on the specific breed but also depends on the nutrition too. Their size varies between 56 inches ( 142 cm) and 64 inches (163 cm), and their weigh varies from 380 kg (840 lb) to 550 kg (1200 lb). The biggest horse ever was born in 1848. It stood 86.5 inches (220 cm) and his weight has been estimated around the incredible 1500 kg (3300 lb).