15 Easy-To-Make Christmas Ornaments In Just 5 Minutes


All of the Christmas decorations that we use to decorate the whole house can cost us an arm and a leg, and if you have really drained your budget this season it’s time to get down to work and make some on your own. The DIY ornaments are unique, cost less money, help you kill the boredom and bring the family together. Here I’m going to show you 15 Easy-To-Make Christmas Ornaments In Just 5 Minutes, so check them out. They are going to take just 5 monutes of your time, and your Christmas tree this year will look different from the previous. Create some playful ornaments that will give an interest to the tree and that will make a visual statement in the room. Scroll down and see what I’m talking about!

Use small pieces of the branches to create the snowflake look!

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I really like the melted snowman ornament which makes me laugh. I bet that it’s also going to put smiles on many faces. Just add the parts of a snowman inside a glass ornament and you are done.

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Dress up the light bulbs into the festive spirit and you will get your ornaments for free!

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Did you know that you can use the scrubble letters to create some awesome ornaments with messages? Let it snow is my favorite so far!

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Use thread in the color you like the best, some glue and balloons and make yourselves some super cute balls that you can hang on the tree.

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What do you say about using paper to make a Christmas tree ornament for your Christmas tree?

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You can also use any old fabric from old clothes to make interesting ornaments, so put them to a good use now.

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Use wire to shape ornaments in stars and decorate them wiht beads and other sparkling materials.

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What do you say about using ice cream sticks to decorate your Christmas tree? Use other decorative items like buttons, glitter, stars and ribbons to make them look amazing.

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Draw a hand on a paper, cut it out and make it look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, and just add it to the tree. As simple as that! You will be ready in less than 5 minutes.

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Washi tape is another fun material that you can use to decorate the wooden Christmas trees that you are going to make out of tiny branches. Would you like to give this idea a try?

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Combine 3-4 ornamtnets together to update the whole look of the tree this season. Even some changes will give it a completely different look.

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Even pine cones can become a part from your Christmas tree. All you have to do is to add a burlap bow to it and tie it with a rope.

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Do you have parts from an old bike? Hang it on your tree and have the industrial look with ease!

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