15 Shades Of Grey Interior Designs


Today we won’t be talking about your favorite movie 50 Shades of Grey whose premiere was on Valentine’s Day, but instead we want to show you 15 Shades of Grey Interior Designs which we hope you will like.

Grey and its various shades has become really popular when it comes to home decor color choice. It is a neutral backdrop to set off any other color, making bold tones pop and adding depth to more subtle tones. Grey is considered as the new white and it is one of the favorite shades of home designers. Depending on the shades chosen, you can create different atmosphere. For instance, light grey walls look airy and crisp, while dark tones create sultry and cozy mood. Grey shades can be used for every room type. Scroll down to find some grey interior designs that you may find as an inspiration to add grey shades into your lovely home.

Grey Living Room Designs

Grey is a great color for your living rooms. Choose some grey sofa that will match with the grey walls. Grey can look good in combo with white and black, but also you can choose to add some pop of color, by adding some yellow accents. Yellow can add brightness t your room. For instance if you go for some grey sofa designs add some pop of yellow with some yellow pillow designs. Also you can choose a yellow carpet or maybe a nice yellow and grey pattern for it.

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Grey Bedroom Designs

The best color combo for the bedroom maybe the one with grey shades and white. It is one of the most common colors for masculine bedroom designs. Scroll down to see some modern grey bedroom designs and choose if you will add some grey tones into your bedroom.

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 Grey Kitchen Designs

When it comes to decorating your kitchen with some shades of grey, start by choosing  grey kitchen cabinets, white walls and flooring and some accents of red or yellow.

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Grey Bathroom Designs

Grey tones can be found in bathrooms too. There are many different grey tile designs that you can choose to combine with some white bathtub and sink. Or instead of white you can choose some beige designs, because beige tones match with grey ones too.

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Photo via: indesigns.com.au

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