20 Brilliant Uses For Tension Rods You Should Know About


Tension rods are cheap, practical, adjustable and super easy to install. They can be used in different areas of your home serving as organization and storage solutions. Today, we are bringing to you 20 Brilliant Uses For Tension Rods that you should know about and will help you organize all of the stuff around your home.

Tension rods can be quite versatile, so you can install them anywhere. For instance, if you are missing some dividers in drawers, you can choose to add some tension rods and thus keep the stuff in the drawer organized. Also, they can serve as racks for storing and organizing different items, such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, spices etc. Or if you want to have a herb garden in your kitchen, you can install a tension rod close to the window and hang the pots on it, so that the plants can get the needed amount of natural light. You can also install a tension rod in the shower, whether plastic or metal one, for hanging all of your shower products. This is a great idea for creating more space for storage and prevent mildew from gathering around the products piled in the corners of the shower. Scroll down now to see all of these uses for tension rods as well as many other and choose how you will use such rods in your home. Enjoy!

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Drawer Dividers

tension curtain rods as drawer dividers
Photo via: bhg.com

Under Sink Spray Bottle Storage

Photo via: jenthousandwords.com

Ribbon Holders

tension rod ribbon 006
Photo via: sewmanyways.blogspot.com

Window Herb Garden Holder

Photo via: jillm.com

Spice Rack

spice rack
Photo via: joyfulhomemaking.com

Gift Wrap Organization And Storage

gift wrap organization storage
Photo via: thelovebugsblog.com

Pot Lid Organization In Drawer

Photo via: imperfecthomemaking.com

Window Awning

rod curtain
Photo via: musingsfromafrenchcottage.blogspot.com

Shoe Racks

shoe storage
Photo via: aloyallove.com

Small Kitchen Organizer

Photo via: engineeryourspace.com

Shower Organizer

shower tension rod
Photo via: cosmopolitan.com

Pantry Dividers

Photo via: marthastewart.com

Clothes Racks

kids closet
Photo via: apartmenttherapy.com

Jewelry Organizer

jewelry holder
Photo via: thismessybusiness.com

Paper Towel Holder

Photo via: alejandra.tv

Magnetic Key Holder

magnetic key holder
Photo via: dejongdreamhouse.com

Tension Rod Dividers

tension rod dividers
Photo via: dejongdreamhouse.com

Tension Rods For Scarves Storage

scarf storage
Photo via: lalalawrence.blogspot.com

DIY Hanging File Organization

files 022
Photo via: thehouseonhillbrook.com

So, now that you are familiar with the many uses for tension rods, how would you choose to use them in your home? Tell us in the comments and also let us know if you have another idea of how to incorporate tension rods in the home. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other organization and storage ideas that can make your life easier.