20 Interesting DIY Easter Bunny Ideas


Easter Bunny is just like Santa for New Year. The legend says that Easter Bunny brings the gifts for kids in the night before Easter! So, It is some kind of Easter’s symbol. In occasion of Easter, let’s make some interesting diy Easter Bunny ideas, which will bring the Easter spirit in your home. Below follow inspirational diy Easter Bunny ideas and tutorials how to make them. So, look the gallery, bring the Easter spirit at home and I am sure your kids will be happy and surprised for Easter. Have fun!!

Whimsical Easter Bunny

Full tutorial on royalcrafts.com

Make Fabric Easter Bunny Buckets

Full tutorial on positivelysplendid.com

Sweet Bunny

Full tutorial on ravelry.com

DIY Easter Bunny Bottle

Full tutorial on fabdiy.com

Pom Pom Easter Bunny Craft

Full tutorial on momontimeout.com

Marshmallow Bunny Plushies

Full tutorial on dandelionsandlace.blogspot.com

Bunny Napkin

Full tutorial on desdemyventana.es

Reversed Pillow Tutorial and Bunny

Full tutorial on the36thavenue.com

DIY Easter Bunny Jar

Full tutorial on icingdesignsonline.blogspot.com

Irresistible Bunny Jars

Full tutorial on irresistiblepets.net

Easter Bunny Garland

Full tutorial on thethriftyginger.com

DIY Easter Bunny Bags

Full tutorial on thetomkatstudio.com

DIY: Paper Easter Bunny, Chick, Carrot Cones

Full tutorial on happyclippings.com

Easter bunny ears

Full tutorial on holloughby.blogspot.com

Frugal Family Bunnies Craft Fun

Full tutorial on thequeenofswag.com

Easter Bunny Wreath

Photo via pinterest.com

Make Bunny Tracks with flour

Full tutorial on thelarsonlingo.blogspot.com

Personalized Easter Bucket

You can buy them on etsy.com

Easter Bunny Photo Frame

Photo via pinterest.com

Cute Easter Bunny and Chick Treat Holders

Full tutorial on powerfulmothering.com