2019 Hardwood Flooring Trends


Just as colors and finishes come in and out of trend in all areas of interior design, so to do the types of hardwood flooring that people turn their attention to. Wood is, and always has been, a classic choice when it comes to flooring, thanks to its long-wearing nature and versatility in adapting to both contemporary and classical interiors.   

With the huge surge of wood-look flooring that is becoming increasingly more available and far more competitively priced, hardwood flooring is having to up its game to keep up with what is increasingly being seen as the trendier option.


Despite the popularity of veneer and flooring with a wood-like finish, hardwood flooring is here to stay with a number of different trends and themes set to dominate the hardwood flooring world in 2019.

Types of wood

With so many different types of wood available it can often be a difficult choice finding the type of wood that will be right for your home, style, and lifestyle. 2019 is set to bring with it plenty of choice in terms of different wood types, bringing hardwood flooring back into mainstream interior design trends once more. Despite the high cost, consumers will be looking for flooring that will last a lifetime, and they won’t just be looking for the classic woods we have come to associate with wooden flooring like oak or mahogany. Instead, this year will see some more exotic woods take center stage like Jatoba – commonly known as Brazilian Cherry – thanks to their rich and warm coloring.

Another exotic wood set to be a popular choice this year is Mahogany. This dramatic looking hardwood will surely be a scene stealer in comparison to the pale woods many of us have favored over the past few years. Not only will mahogany instantly add warmth and luxury to any room, but it is ideal for busy homes with pets and children where it will last for years and years due to its hard-wearing nature.    



As mentioned, Jatoba looks likely to be one of the most popular wood choices in 2019 and it’s not hard to see why. Its rich reddish-brown color can lend a warmth to a room that is incomparable. In addition to these richer darker shades it looks likely that really pale woods such as birch and ash will also be bang on trend this year, and in the middle of the two those with a high variant are expected to be very popular.

Layouts, patterns, textures

2019 is all about natural hardwood flooring looking at the trends set by wood-look flooring and giving people exactly what they want but in hardwood. So, expect to see creative patterns and unusual layouts becoming a real trend this year. Unconventional widths are also likely to be trending this year and there will be a move away from highly polished boards as a more mat look becomes more popular with a bit of texture thrown in as well.


As people become increasingly more aware of the environment around them and the impact that we have on it we can expect to see a much more significant move towards more sustainable wood types as we move through 2019.

Whatever you’re looking for in wooden flooring this year, why not give the experts at Just Wood a try. They may suggest an option you may not have considered before, and one that could look perfect in your home.