4 Cleaning tips for your apartment post renovation – Tips from expert home cleaners


So, your home is finally renovated and this renovation must have felt forever. Hey, but don’t be surprised to see what greets you as soon as you open the door. Don’t you think that is indeed a great sight? It is needless to mention that a home renovation can cause a major overhaul in your home, let alone the dust that you find everywhere. Though the interior designers tend to clean your home, whether it’s an apartment post renovation, yet there will definitely be reminders here and there.

While there are different home cleaning tips that you can follow in order to quickly clean your home, you need to go for the smartest way. There will be lot of wood shavings, dust, and plaster and different other things post the renovation. Would you like to see these items scattered everywhere post a renovation? Definitely not! Check out the few cleaning tips post renovation.

#1: Ventilation should be your first priority

The first task to do is to open those windows and let in some fresh air because your house will be in need of some air once you’ve completed with all that renovation work which was going on for such a long time. This will even be a good step for your health since breathing in all that dust would have an adverse impact on the lungs. Make sure you wear a face mask before starting the cleaning job.

#2: All visible dirt should be eliminated

Whenever you see the dust and debris lying all around, you must be tempted enough to reach out to the mop to give a good wipe down of your floor but before you do this, make sure you dry clean first so that you can eliminate all sorts of visible diet. Begin from the top and then move towards the bottom. The countertops and the shelves should get a good sweep with one dry duster. You may also use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to eliminate the dust on the floor. Don’t forget to dust off the inside portions of the cupboards and also the light fixtures.

#3: Begin the big wipe-out

Once you get rid of majority of the dirt, it’s high time you get the mop or the wet cloth or even the dirt particles. In case you think it would be possible, make sure you use disinfectant and a cloth that is micro-fibre since it is too good at catching even the smallest particles of dust. Give a good wipe like the door knobs, walls, window sills and also the doors. You may require wiping over the last few days as the dust takes time to settle. Be patient about it.

#4: The pesky stains have to be removed

It is something unavoidable that there will be some pesky stains which will be left behind due to the construction work. You will also come across many fingerprint marks on all the surfaces which are laminated. Since you can wipe them away with a wet cloth, use it along with some detergent or a glass cleaner. In case there is a case of tile grout, you have to use different tools over the house like the screwdriver so that you could scrape off the grout.

Hence, now that you’re pretty acquainted with the steps that you need to take to clean your home post a renovation, follow them in order to get an organized and tidied up home. In case you don’t feel the urge to do it on your own, get help of a professional cleaner.