4 Unique Home Renovations That Will Increase the Value of Your Property


When it comes to home renovations and remodels that increase the property value, many people are aware of the ones that provide a higher return. For the exterior of the home, replacing the roof, garage door, windows, and enhancing the overall curb appeal almost always adds value to a home. On the inside of the home, both major and minor kitchen and bathroom renovations add value, and so does switching from carpet to hardwood or laminate flooring and finishing an attic or basement. However, there are also some unique home improvements that will also add value to a home, and also make the home more efficient.

#1: Install Low Flow Toilets and Shower Heads

The average toilet uses at least one gallon of water to flush waste, using a significant amount of water. Low flow toilets use much less water than the average toilet, which saves the homeowner money on their water bill. The same is true for low flow shower heads— they cut down on water usage by at least 40%, and can also make hot water last longer. Even if you’re not planning to sell your house in the near or distant future, switching to low flow appliances will save you money. You should also consider switching to other energy efficient appliances that use a significant amount of water.

#2: Vinyl Window Replacement

Many homeowners will eventually replace their windows, so why not switch to vinyl windows if it’s time to replace them? Vinyl windows are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and other materials to make them stronger and more durable. They’re also energy efficient, so you can open your curtains and blinds to let in natural sunlight (which also saves energy) without the fear of the sunlight making the inside of your home too hot. Vinyl windows also keep heat in during the colder months. On top of all of this vinyl windows are affordable, easy to install, easy to maintain, come in a variety of color options, and are recyclable.

#3: Universal Designs

Universal design refers to making a home safer for senior citizens to live in. Many senior citizens are aging in place, or staying in their own homes as opposed to living in a nursing home or other assisted living facility. If you make small renovations to your home, such as installing grab bars, converting a bathtub/shower into a walk-in, and even installing an elevator in a two-story home, you’ll greatly increase your property’s value. These designs work well for all types of people— even those who are not senior citizens— hence the term “universal design”. Once again, even if you don’t plan on selling your home, this is still a good idea to prepare your home for you to age in place in.

#4: Open Up the Floor Plan

Open-concept homes are very popular, so opening up the floor plan in your home is another great way to increase the property value. Opening up your floor plan creates the illusion of having more space, and people are always looking for spacious homes. The only thing is that this type of project is more of a remodel than a renovation, meaning that structural changes have to be made, and more likely than not, you’re going to have to consult a professional contractor. This is because knocking down the wrong wall can severely damage the structure of your home, and an open-concept may not even be possible (you may have to opt for a partially open-concept) at all.

These home changes will not only add value to your home, but will also save you water, energy, and money, and will also give your home a new look and feel. So consider one or more of these, even if you plan to stay in your home. They are just as beneficial to you staying in your home as they would be if you want to sell your home.