Wonderful DIY Candle Holders Ideas That You Are Going To Love


Staying away from candles is almost impossible. Everyone loves candles because they set a nice tone in the house, and give the space a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are variety of candles. You can use them to create memorable and stylish setting or for aromatic atmosphere. Arranging and showcasing them can be done in so many different ways, so use your creativity and create some outstanding designs. If you lack inspiration, we are going to give you some, so make sure you check all of the designs that I have found for you. They can be all done easily and in no time, and don’t require you to spend money on the needed materials because you already have them in your home. Scroll down take a look at the Wonderful DIY Candle Holders Ideas That You Are Going To Love and make your picks!


The wine bottles have various uses as candle holders, so check out all of the opportunities and choose the one that best suits your style and decor.

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Now you can turn those unused mason jars to a good use by turning them into candle holders. Fill them in with sand and place the candle inside. In this way you can be sure that the flames of the candles won’t do any harm.

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Candles have been around for ages, so it’s a pity not to have one in your home. You can make lots of interesting candle centerpieces using wood. You will get a lovely rustic look and they would look great on any table!

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This is another interesting idea that is pretty unique and original. Make use of the old bricks, make holes in them and decorate them with some plants. It’s a cheap and quick decoration that you have to try!

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If you prefer a material with a warm touch and of a different consistency, try using wood. Technically wood can easily burn and it’s a not great idea to put close to fire, it can also look very elegant and beautiful in a decor. If you like the organic and natural look of wood logs, then why not use big pieces to make some rustic-looking candle holders. What do you think about the designs? Are you going to do the designs by yourselves?

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For the following candle holder you will need several glasses or deep bowls, coffee beans and of course candles. Center the candle on top and make sure it’s nestled a bit into the coffee beans to help hold it in place. You barely need 3 minutes for this decoration! What do you think about the idea? Which one managed to keep you interested? Let me know in the comments below because I’m dying to get to know your passion for interior style and design! Enjoy the rest of the day and don’t forget to come back again for more fresh inspiration!

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