5 awesome tips which can help you to organize your dwelling


Want to make your apartment clean and comfortable? Find out few tips from famous Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo which will save you from a mess and try it!

Throw away all that you don’t need

This is perhaps the main advice. But you need to do it properly. If you do not use a thing, it does not bring you joy and does not belong to someone else, then why is it in your house? In addition, those things that are hidden from our eyes, often have no use. Based on this, we get a new tip:

Everything should be in sight

When you removed garbage from your house, now it’s time to organize the storage of the necessary things. First of all, they should be easily accessible. Do not stack clothes, books, etc. in more than two rows. And all shelves and boxes shouldn’t be filled more than 90%.

Do you feel comfortable in your own house?

Is your mind peaceful now? Look around yourself, what do you see? These two questions are connected because our state of mind strongly depends on what surrounds us.

Scientists of California State University conducted few experiments which have next results: in our blood, the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) is rising when we see a mess. It means that messy dwelling is really bad for our health and nerves.

In an environment where things are not in right places, garbage, dirt and other things that are unpleasant to our eyes are everywhere; we feel bad, our intellectual capabilities are falling, so does the mood.

Marie Kondo, the Japanese space organizer, wrote a book about cleaning. Yes, a whole book! There are a lot of tips for organizing home space, in addition, this book will help you change your point of view about many aspects of the organization of living space. Here are the most important tips:

Sort things properly

Marie recommends doing this by categories, not by rooms. Origami technique is the best way to keep clothes as she thinks. It doesn’t take much time to learn, and there are many different tutorials on the Internet which can help you to find out how to do it. Practice will help you improve your skills.

Never forget about your own space

Let it be a small corner behind the folding screen, even so. The main thing is that you can be alone there for a couple of minutes. It can be working space too. It goes without saying that while working or studying we need to be alone. It is hard to read, write or even think when someone bothers you. By the way, https://uwritemyessay.com/ will help you with that.

This advice is especially important for mothers. When the whole family needs you, it is very important not to lose yourself and to have your own place of “power”.

It takes time

Probably each of us has heard about the rule of 2 minutes (the thing that does not take longer than 2 minutes, should be done immediately) or the rule of 20 minutes (every day to give cleaning at least 20 minutes), but Marie recommends to choose one special day for this. Cleaning requires special mood as she thinks.

One more advice which can seem strange: keeping memorable things it is not a good idea. Marie says that good memories always stay in our minds no matter if we keep photos or letters or something connected to these memories or no.

For each of us, our home is very important. And we all have the image of our ideal apartments in our heads, and it’s wonderful! Having freed ourselves from all unnecessary stuff, we clear our minds and open space for new ideas. It can be business ideas, new ways to improve your apartment or good ideas for interesting and useful leisure activities. In any case, Marie’s tips are quite useful, and her book is worth attention, like anything that can change your life for the better.