5 dreamy Scandinavian decor trends perfect for winter


There is nothing better than staying inside when cold winter days come – enjoying a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate and simply relaxing in your beautiful, cozy home. And well, if your home needs just a little touch up to achieve that perfect atmosphere this winter, you can update it with just a few minor changes in interior and create the perfect Scandinavian-like home that will inspire you to lead a better and more moderate life. The winter is here and here are also some of the newest décor trends that you can apply to your home to create a lovely magazine cover look inside your home.

Lagom as a way of life

As we all know by now, Lagom is a Scandinavian décor style based on minimalistic ideas. It is not just an interior design style it also represents a way of life in which you are striving to lead a more moderate and balanced life inspired by your home and your surroundings. Lagom means finding just the right amount of everything, not too little and not too much and simplicity above all. In modern homes that means decluttering and minimizing the amount of everything you own since we tend to overcrowd our surroundings with items we don’t often use. Get rid of all the excessive belongings by donating or selling them. If that is not a good option for you then consider using storage facilities to safely put away your unnecessary possessions and reuse them in future.  

Rawness of nature

When talking about furniture, it is all about the rawness of the natural materials. Natural wood furniture pieces are even better if they are a bit worn out (or hand-made) since the damage will give them the more raw look and your home an authentic, unique decor. All in all, the decor revolves around rustic furniture that doesn’t look too antique in combination with natural materials, but nothing too complicated. Leather, wood, and wool – the perfect trio in Scandinavian home décor will make almost any space feel homey and cozy and give your home the perfect winterish minimalist but cozy look. So throw a sheepskin or wool blanket over that vintage chair to recreate this stunning northern décor. Just keep in mind that the key is in simplicity and finding balance.

The monochromatic phase is over

Thanks, Scandinavian gods of home décor, the stripe is back in trend! There is nothing more stylish than decorating your sofa or couch with modernistic black and white striped pillows, no matter the color of the furniture. You can introduce Scandinavian trend in your home by adding just a few decorative accents such as trendy striped pillows or striped carpets. But don’t exaggerate – be moderate when it comes to décor and your lifestyle as well. Think about adding blue décor accents as well, since it is not all about white everything anymore. Emphasize minimalism by adding several colored decorative details around your home to recreate the Nordic look.

Grey is the new white

Great news, grey walls are back. Not only grey color palette looks beautiful on everything but it will create a nice contrast to all the naturalness of the wood, leather, and wool. Adding a few low-maintenance easy care plants will save you the trouble of spending too much time thinking about watering them and they will stand among minimalistic decorative pieces. Greenery always adds up to creating a more comfortable home. Also, the graphic artwork is a must! Now that the grey walls have made a comeback, you can fill your walls with framed black and white graphics in various sizes and shapes and make a statement with wall art.

Dim those lights

Paper lanterns are an easy and budget-friendly way to light up almost every room. They can be used as a chandelier in the living room (you can combine several pieces in different shapes, sizes or colors) or pendant lights in the kitchen area. Since paper lanterns illuminate diffuse light they will give your home a perfectly dreamy atmosphere and look so simple but modern at the same time.

Here are some of the charming, practical and functional Scandinavian décor trends where the key is in moderation and finding a balance. Decorating your home means creating a place that depicts your personality and that has its own character so don’t worry much about picking the little details, just go for what you like – that way you will create a unique décor inspired by Scandinavian style.